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Thursday, April 27, 2006  

I Sat Down To Write A List

A CRAIG'S LIST, that is. Your Uncle Grambo and The Senator will be making our way to the pastoral grounds of Cranbrook this evening to catch a chat with THAT Craig. You know, the guy that created the site that's allegedly "killing newspapers" ... should be a good one.

A full post (featuring a recap of this evening's festivities) will be forthcoming later this eve. Obvs.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006  

Tell Me Do You Miss Me

If memory serves, it was sometime during the late summer of 1994 when I first heard of the band Luna. Your Uncle Grambo was living in the Bagel Factory apartments on South U with the likes of Wartinsmooth, Sullman and Stockwell. As the legend goes, our kid Wart mistakenly transposed the code for Lush's "Split" with Luna's "Bewitched" when filling out one of those "Get 10 CDs For A Penny" promo offers from either BMG or Columbia House. And the rest, as they so often say, is history.

Thanks to the kind hand of fate (or perhaps some dumbass in the BMG warehouse), your Uncle Grambo was introduced to a band that would, over the years, come to be one of my Top Five All-Time Faves™ (Rob Gordon stizz¹). In the last dozen or so years, I bought every single one of their records (including EPs and side projects) and saw them live eight times. While their LPs were always enjoyable (if sometimes spotty), the hypnotic dual guitar attack of Dean Wareham and Sean Eden always reached its zenith during the band's live performances. Not to mention the fact that their bass player, Britta Phillips, sure is easy on the eyes.

Unfortch for us all, the band decided to turn in their chips and call it a career during the summer of 2004. Fortunately though, it appears that they brought a camera crew along with them to document their final days. After two years in the editing bay, "Tell Me Do You Miss Me" is set to have its World Premiere Debut this weekend at the TriBeCa Film Festival. Directed by Matthew Buzzell, this documentary "charts their bittersweet final tour as they travel around the world, down memory lane, and into the uncertain future." Sounds buzzellworthy to me; here's hoping that the film will make its way to The D™ (or, for that matter, DVD) sometime in the not too distant future.

Which reminds me, Dean & Britta have just put the finishing touches on their (as yet untitled) follow-up to "L'Avventura" and are aiming for a late summer or early fall release. Um, best!

¹ Just in case you were wondering, here's the Official List:
5) Ride
4) Luna
3) The Verve
2) Cowboy Junkies
1) Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band

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"I just saw Sofia Coppola's 'Marie-Antoinette'. Empty shell, boring as hell. Don't know if the Cannes jury is gonna buy it, but the average moviegoer will suffer deeply watching gilded 18th-Century types people get bored, eat, drink, and get bored again. Movies about boredom and filling spaces are tricky to film. Coppola did it right with Lost in Translation, but this time she fails completely, in my opinion."
— An anonymous French movie critic shares his/her thoughts on Sofia Coppola's next jawn, by way of Jeffrey Wells
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