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Sunday, July 31, 2005  

Bunsen Goes Bananaz

It's one thing to have your name misspelled by Lloyd Grove. It's entirely another to be profiled in the Calendar section of the Sunday LA Times. With that in mind, your Uncle Grambo would like to bestow a hearty congratulations to the blogger formerly known as Bunsen ... keep on knocking `em out of the park, brosnan.

I had a whole bunch of things to talk about last week but not enough time to talk about them. Hence, here's some quick scoopage that's guaranteed to whet your appetiz for PHC:

  • Anyone else out there wondering how Wayne State "lecturer" Jack Lessenberry got two different papers (The Detroit Metro Times and The Toledo Blade) to pay him to write essentially the same story on the 10 year anniversary of the Detroit Newspaper Strike?

  • Who does Bloc Party think they're kidding with this BS? I suppose there are some dying-to-be-trendy douchebags out there who are interested in Nick Zinner and Four Tet remixes of Bloc Party songs, but this blogga thinks it's a little early for Vice to be double dipping the hipster community with a re-release of an album that streeted just over four months ago.

  • Who even knew that P.T. Anderson was dating Maya Rudolph, let alone that knocking her up? SO BEST! I think that we call all agree that, regardless of its sex, this baby has a decent shot to be the coolest person in the world by the year 2025. [via Skeet On Mischa]

  • Next time you're in the Royal Joke or Ferndale area and you're jonesin' for breakfast or lunch, skip the old standbys like Leo's and National and hit The Fly Trap instead. A Finer Diner, indeed!

  • I found it really odd that an item about Eminem and Kim Mathers appeared on Page Six this week. It quotes a source who reveals that Em flies back home to The D™ every day that he has a break from the Anger Management tour to see Hailie and Kim, basically insinuating that the `97 Bonnie and Clyde are back together. I don't doubt the authenticity of the material -- after all, the duo were spotted together when Marshall performed at the "Rockin' The Rooftop" event in late June -- but rather the timing. I wonder who leaked this to The Post ... developing!

  • And finally, on the NSFW tip, horndogs everywhere will rejoice in scoping Mischa Barton and Liz Hurley's respective rackage. BOVS! Those Hurley tees ... always dreamt about. So very! [via Lounge Saints and Egotastic]

PS - Server issues, blah blah blah. Nothing to fret about, all is fixed now. Sorry bout that, y'all!

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