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Top 25 Dudes Who Shaped The AHS Experience

Close but no cigar: Russ Jewell, Dan "Hutch 2-Fly" Hutchinson, Jon "Ice" Birg

25 (tie).
Greg/Andy Pietraskiewicz + Keith/Bryan Krasinski -- Twins are pretty classic and must be included on the list.
"Stormin" Norm Peralta -- A basketball reject with the heart of a champion.
Rich Held/Mike Rossnagel -- Rich Held was StuCo President in 1989...until he got busted for selling acid at BK. Mike Rossnagel took a precious spot on the 1989-90 Freshman Basketball team...then promptly ran away (who "runs away"?!?), never to be heard from again. Lesson learned? Don't do drugs.
Brad Studinger -- Gary Coleman + Pauly Shore = Studinger. Try telling me that Studinger didn't rock the house.
Todd Wicks -- Eu-stoke-em tubes. He's now rocking the nation (fortunately for us locals, he's beginning with the Detroit suburbs) as the mastermind behind the Prime Ministers (ne Sensitive Clown).
Chris Czanstke -- The face of fear.
Karl Bordine/Greg Bath -- For a period of time during 91, these two dudes were the definition of classic.
Charles "Chuckie" Sandison -- The dude filed his teeth, for Chrissakes. The only admitted Satanist I ever came in contact with.
Scott Glover -- This dude came out of obscurity to achieve Classic Status in Spring Break 92. Will always be remembered for his 12-step hair combing process and the bashes he threw at his pad.
Mr. Taylor -- Generally regarded as the Napoleon of AHS. Invented some stellar nicknames for theorems and students alike ("Mat-Burns", "Doctor Death", "Cat Ballou" to name but a few).
Carl Uhlar -- Too many stories to recollect; the best hair in the business.
Mike Patton -- "You know what your problem is? You were born." Just one of Patton's many quotable quotes.
Michael B. Boyd -- B Boyd was pretty classic in high school but really took it to the next level in college. Plus he's going to marry a Brazilian (!) hottie.
Ashley Peters -- Ashley was the Zach Morris of AHS. `Nuff said.
Anup Popat/Tom Picot -- Proud to be Americans. Sure their earnesty was often misplaced, but these dudes were always capable of sweet motivational techniques. Popat running around the gym during the Homecoming pep rally of 1990 with an American flag to Alabama's "40 Hour Week" (during the height of the Gulf War) was just too sweet.
Gianni Agostinelli -- G(v) was the algebraic function he was known as. Couldn't fall asleep in college without at least four shots of Absolut he lifted off Great Oaks Country Club. Also the genius behind one of the great all-time comebacks (Dude to Gianni: "Want a piece of gum?" G to D: "Sure", D to G: "Half or whole?" G to D: "Just give me a fuckin' piece of gum"). Lighting-quick hand-eye coordination and reflexes (along with tons of practice) made him the King of Nintendo/Sega Genesis.
James Bonnici -- The #1 Party Legend in the history of Rochester. Kids in high school today still talk about his infamous Toga Party. First (and fortunately, only) person I ever saw light farts on fire. I'll never forget the entire crowd at RHS chanting "TOGA TOGA" when Bonnici shot free throws. And I'll also admit that it still brings me great pain that this guy never made it to the bigs in the Mariners organization.
8 (tie).
Chris Glinka/Mark Albers -- Two really good friends whose competitive squabbles are legendary. Glinka's old skool Buick Grand Prix will go down as one of the all-time best high school rides, and Malbers' getting ganked by the DECA judges was one of history's worst jack moves.
Shaan Rankins / "Big" Al Walker -- I'll never forget going to JV basketball practice and seeing Shaan locked up in the back of a police cruiser. Classic. These guys were the face of The Hood in AHS' predominantly white high school populus. Both basically good guys, even though "Big Al" tore down the basketball rim at my parents' house.
Mr. Rosenberg -- The Master of DECA. Either hated or revered by millions. For better or worse, this was the man who taught me about business.
"B" Brian Burnett -- B Brian was the man, although his tragic underuse of his Lakeville cabin is one of life's greatest travesties.
Coach Ken Belote / Brian Burrell -- Every good story needs a villian. This story has two. I swear these bastards were in cahoots to wreck the lives of me and my friends. Both were dickheads beyond belief. Both were responsible for virtually all my grief from 1990 to 1992. To this day, I still hate these guys.
Jim "Butch" Bencik -- Everybody loves an underdog. Jimmy was the A-number-1 underdog scrapper of all-time. Simply ferocious. Remember his monster jam during the Slam Dunk Contest? Remember him riding the bike during "Shiny Happy People" during Mock Rock 92? Remember the three he rained against Walled Lake Western? Remember the going-away bash for him at the Motel Six on Opdyke? Of course you do. Just to prove he wasn't done stirring shit up he went out and beat all the odds and played Varsity football at the University of Tennessee. Best.
Aaron Clark -- Flat out, this kid revolutionized life as we know it. Straight outta Kingwood TX, AC busted onto the scene in ninth grade, armed with a wardrobe the likes of which had never been seen (see the yearbook from our Freshman year). I'm talkin' white Oxfords, ties, and V-neck cardigans all over the place. He introduced Suburbia to both country music AND rap. He got sent back to the locker room during the first game of Freshman basketball because he was wearing bicycle shorts. He was the proud owner of THE Jeep w/the Adams wheel cover. He got busted by Vice Principal Hickey for being drunk at one of the post-basketball game dances. He got in more accidents and traffic altercations than anyone else, ever. He Eddie Haskell-ed all the teachers. He was/is a great friend who made life fun and exciting every day at AHS. Props out to Clarky.