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The Grahammy's 90/90
Volume 4, Number 1
Monday, December 20, 1999

Dear Valued Subscribers,

Go ahead. Do it. No, no. DO IT! Call me a Millenium Grinch. That's okay. But I refuse to go and call it a Millenium just yet. I think the next 12 or so days would be best spent waxing nostalgic about all things `90s instead of trying to worry about wrapping up 1000 years worth of history. Let's let that sleeping dog lie until this time next year. So, keeping that in mind, this is the first of five "Best Of" missives that'll be arriving in your inbox from yours truly before the clock strikes Y2K. You are currently being enthralled by the introduction to Chapter I of The Grahammy's 90/90. Kinda like MTV 1515 on Mad Dog 40/40 but not really. Today's rhubric will concern the state of cinema in the `90s, beginning by dissecting the role that French New Wave pioneers like Godard had on today's directing luminaries like Tarantino and Soderbergh. And then I'll move onto the use of shadow and light in the films of Scorsese, focusing specifically on the intensity of the high wattage lighting he used in "Casino" and how it contrasts against the grainy low res shadows so prominent in his earlier works like "Mean Streets" and "Taxi Driver". Ah, fuck it. I'll just make a list.

(PART I of III, Films 90 to 51)

90) "The Blair Witch Project" (`99, Myrick/Sanchez) - Worth the hype.
89) "
A River Runs Through It" (`92, Robert Redford) - Gorgeous to watch.
88) "
A League Of Their Own" (`92, Penny Marshall) - Hanks used to be funny.
87) "
Billy Madison" (`95, Tamara Davis) - Want to touch the heinie?
86) "
The Doom Generation" (`95, Gregg Araki) - Anarchy in the name of style.
85) "
Saving Private Ryan" (`98, Spielberg) - The first half hour is intense.
84) "
Desperado" (`95, Robert Rodriguez) - Banderas used to be cool.
83) "
Can't Hardly Wait" (`98, Elfont/Kaplan) - Trip McNeely.
82) "
There's Something About Mary" (`98, Farrelly Bros.) - Those goofy bastards are about the best thing I've got going in this crazy world.
81) "
Mr. Jealousy" (`98, Noah Baumbach) - Hey jealousy.
80) "
The Daytrippers" (`96, Greg Mottola) - Sorta like a 2-hour Seinfeld.
79) "
The Last Seduction" (`94, John Dahl) - Fiorentino one-ups Sharon Stone.
78) "
Gattaca" (`97, Andrew Niccol) - Ethan meet Uma, Uma meet Ethan.
77) "
City of Lost Children" (`95, Jeunet/Caro) - A dazzlingly unique must-see.
76) "
Kingpin" (`96, Farrelly Bros.) - WHO YOU CALLIN' A PSYCHO?
75) "
Dead Man Walking" (`95, Tim Robbins) - Brilliant in its refusal to take sides.
74) "
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" (`94, Tom Shadyac) - All righty then.
73) "
Election" (`99, Alexander Payne) - Ferris gets his comeuppance.
72) "
Fargo" (`96, Joel Coen) - The heck d'ya mean!
71) "
Wallace & Gromit" (various, Nick Park) - Fun for all ages.
70) "
Bound" (`96, Wachowski Bros.) - Lipstick lesbian double crosses.
69) "
Reality Bites" (`94, Ben Stiller) - Remember the discontent of Gen X?
68) "
Starship Troopers" (`97, Paul Verhoeven) - Intelligent satire + kick ass FX.
67) "
Return To Paradise" (`98, Joseph Ruben) - What would your friends do?
66) "
A Bug's Life" (`98, John Lasseter) - Impossibly cute.
65) "
Exotica" (`94, Atom Egoyan) - Most deceiving box art ever?
64) "
Run Lola Run" (`99, Tom Twyker) - Girl power on crystal.
63) "
La Femme Nikita" (`90, Luc Besson) - A breath of fresh air in the action genre.
62) "
The New Age" (`94, Michael Tolkin) - Moral bankruptcy begetting financial bankruptcy.
61) "
Clerks" (`94, Kevin Smith) - The finest hour of dick jokes.
60) "
King of New York" (`90, Abel Ferrara) - Being a drug lord is harder than you'd think.
59) "
The Quick & The Dead" (`95, Sam Raimi) - Some of the slickest camera tricks you'll ever see.
58) "
The Crossing Guard" (`95, Sean Penn) - Jack Nicholson's best performance?
57) "
Go" (`99, Doug Liman) - Tarantino with teens...that's a good thing.
56) "
Babe" (`95, Chris Noonan) - That'll do, Pig, that'll do.
55) "
What Happened Was..." (`94, Tom Noonan) - First dates are difficult.
54) "
King Of The Hill" (`93, Steven Soderbergh) - A masterpiece with no props.
53) "
The Matrix" (`99, Wachowski Bros.) - Whoah.
52) "
Ed Wood" (`94, Tim Burton) - Best biopic of the `90s.
51) "
Silence of the Lambs" (`91, Jonathan Demme) - Reinvented a genre.

TOMORROW: Films 50-11

See you tomorrow...
Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.