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Friday, December 15, 2006  

SNL Season 32 ... REVEALED!

Like most folks who spend a good portion of their weekdays patrolling The Internerd™ for scoopage, your Uncle Grambo is a frequent visitor to the Two Mile Zone. Over the last six months and change, the stalkerazzi-centric site has done blowed up with their exhaustive coverage of the white-hot Los Angeles celebrescene, primarily focusing on those who orbit around Paris and Brit Brit and the like. And while I suppose it's no surprise that The Trousersnake is still a popular fixture for the US Weekly set, I gotta admit it was weird to see TMZ covering the SNL Beat yesterday afternoon and revealing spoiler buzz (sorry Jen-Bo, looks like JT won't be bringing "SexyBack"). But the real issue at hand for you, the loyal FOWs, is this: why settle for AOL sponsored weaksauce when you know that Nummer has got that primo habanero for dat ass? Kick back and enjoy some pre-show comments from the man, the myth, the legend that is Nummer...

Episode 9: Justin Timberlake (12/16/06)

When JT did double duty as host and musical guest back in 2003, tv.com (then tvtome.com) reported that SNL director Beth McCarthy-Miller went on record as saying "Justin Timberlake was one of the best hosts ever. Expect him to host again in the future." Just over three years later, Miller's premonition has come true.

The '03 episode may not have been flawless, but you can't deny there wasn't a certain energy to it. This was largely due to most of the show being written around Justin's main strength: singing. Not only did Timberlake get three musical segments ("Rock Your Body", "Seniorita" and "Cry Me A River"), but most of the sketches were excuses for him to sing as well. Case in point, "Benny's vs. Omletteville", "Timberlake and Kermit" and even to a lesser extent, "Barry Gibb Talk Show", all had musical numbers for JT to run wild with. As a result, JT was always in his comfort zone and came across as a very capable host.

How will JT fare in 2006? Since he's pushing not only a CD, but a movie as well, I'm guessing there won't be as much singing. This shouldn't be a bad thing, Bening's episode showed somewhat of an upswing in sketch writing, so hopefully Justin will get some strong material to have fun with. I'm also betting the farm Jimmy Fallon will show up to resurrect Barry Gibb. Bottom line, after the Matthew Fox/Tenacious D (ED NOTE: Review coming soon!) show somewhat tanked, I'm guessing this will be the best of the December 2006 episodes.

Bonus clip. BWE.tv just reset a classic YouTube clip of Timberlake and Fallon's legendary "Barry Gibb Talk Show" skit. Nice.

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