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Friday, December 01, 2006  

SNL Season 32 ... REVEALED!

Retirement. Some say more appealing in concept than in practice. Fortunately for us, the lure of an SNL episode anchored by Matthew Fox and Tenacious D has brought the world-renowned H-Bomb out of her self-imposed retirement (albeit temporarily) and back into her rightful place as the First Lady of SNL Knowledge. So much buzz! While your Uncle Grambo has both fingers and toes crossed that we'll get to see some sort of "Lost" sketch to rival the great Kyle MacLachlan "Twin Peaks" sketch from 1990, please enjoy the pre-show comments from the dynamic duo of Nummer and H-Bomb. Marzipan.

Episode 7: Matthew Fox / Tenacious D (12/2/06)

Matthew Fox and Tenacious D. SNL doesn't get more must see than this. On a non-SNL sidebar, does anyone agree that both Fox's "Lost" and Tenacious D are sort of at a crossroad here in late 2006? Its almost like the latest season of "Lost" and The D's new movie/soundtrack have polarized both of their audiences.

In the "Lost" camp, you've got Season 3 (currently on hiatus) and the trade pubs love pointing out that 23 million viewers watched the 2nd season premiere while roughly 18.8 million watched this year's. Drop-off on a show like this is to be expected and of course, there are still millions who dissect every second, but even some of die-hard fans seem to be questioning the show's direction. If the non-stop episodes starting in February give more questions than answers, how many people will still care about Hurley's latest flashbacks in 2008? 2009?

On the Tenacious D side, you've got "The Pick of Destiny" who's opening weekend box office of $5.2 million failed to land it within the Top 10. Now I didn't expect this film to break box office records, but I figured it would pull in something similar to the $10 million opening "Clerks II" did back in July. I mean, we're talking a very similar cult-like audience here right? Bottom line is that the film and soundtrack, while still fairly enjoyable, are not as sharp as the Tenacious D HBO series or the 2001 debut album (which basically recycled most of the HBO material). Oh well.

That said, Fox is still great on Lost and all of The D's past SNL appearances have been wonderful. Let's hope The D plays with a full band made up of the Anti-Christ, Colonel Sanders and Charlie Chaplin like they did during their current tour's stop in Detroit last weekend.

Matthew Fox. Ooohh baby. I couldn't be happier with this week's choice for SNL host. For me, "Lost" is hands down the best TV on the tube at present, and that is due largely in part to the delectable Mr. Fox. True, he may not be known for his wide array of live sketch acting and, yes, he did play the unfortunately annoying role of Charlie Salinger on "Party of Five", but Matthew Fox seems to have that sarcastic edge that I think will lend itself well to comedic material. Plus, he's totally hot, y'all.

Even though this will unbelievably be their first time as the official musical guest, Tenacious D is by no means a no stranger to the SNL scene. With Jack Black already boasting an impressive three times as host, plus several cameos and special guest spots by both Black and Kyle Gass, this "rock your socks off" duo are practically SNL family. I'm not sure if I would still classify them as the "greatest band in the world," but Jables and KG will no doubt deliver some great tunes off of their latest album, "The Pick of Destiny," and, if we're lucky, a couple of sketch appearances as well. Spelling Bee, anyone?

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006  

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Q42K6

Each and every day, your Uncle Grambo receives approximately 270 emails from readers asking me for advice on they should spend their free time. Since I have far better things to do than reply to the emails of common people like you, I have amassed this list of hottness as a means to keep you, my adoring fanbase, satiated with sexiness from now until at least Friday morning. So, without further ado...

BEST! Reason To Embrace Your Inner Geek: "Battlestar Galactica"
— I'll admit it. When I saw that the stars of "Battlestar Galactica" made the cover of EW back in September, I was fairly convinced that the editors there had lost their collective marbles. After all, it's not like the Sci Fi Network is known for being a paragon of quality television. But ultimately, the deep reservoir of trust that EW has built with this blogga over the years convinced me to give the show a whirl. And in doing so, I've been nothing short of bowled over. Really good tv is hard to come by, so I suggest you netflix that sh*t like PRONTO. Frak yeah!

BEST! Way To Vicariously Share A Parliament: Metro Times Smoke Break
— He may not have the killer curves of FreeWillow17, but that doesn't mean that Johnny Loftus hasn't lapped every other vlogger out there with the undeniably compelling Smoke Break series. It's like Pitchfork by way of Dogme 95 to the power of BEST, only it rules way harder than that. Watch for the cameo appearance by the People Mover (Fishbones!) in Episode 2 ... brills.
RELATED: Loftus on Robyn ... ROBYN!!!

BEST! Riot Inducing Catchphrase: "You can suck my balls"
— This one's a few weeks old, but still a doozy. Remember The Malice At The Palace? Of course you do. Turns out the whole thing started when Ron Artest uttered the aforementioned phrase to Big Ben. While this can't quite top the best diss of all tizz ("Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck", obvs), it's got all kinds of Heatseeker Impact buzz going for it.

BEST! New Media Buzzword: Hyper-Programmed Verticals
— While your Uncle Grambo has intentionally kept my new assignment(s) at MTVN on the hush hush QT (Sid Hudgeons stizz), this press release that got picked up by Variety and The Hollywood Reporter (among other outlets) gets to the core of it. Developing...

BEST! Under The Radar Scenestress Hottie: Z. Berg
— If the marketing execs at The Gap had any sense, they would've picked the luscious lead singer of The Like to be the face of their "Peace Love The Gap" ad campaign instead of the hagtastic Maria Bello. I mean, even without proper makeup or lighting, those cheekbones and those striking eyes just SCREAM model. And I know this isn't saying that much, but you know that homegirl has got the goods when she straight up schools La Lohan when seen side-by-side. No doubt about it, Z. Berg has got it. And by "it", I mean this -- Star. Quality. [thanks to Douglas Reinhardt for keepin an eye out, yo]

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006  

The Size Of Basketballs

Not sure if the legendary Phoenix Gorilla is still employed, but you can bet that his pinkslip was mailed the very MOMENT that SI photographer Greg Nelson discovered the Houston Rockets cheerleaders' airborne-porn halftime show. Gives new meaning to the phrase "taking it to the rack", dunnit?

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"Hannah Montana should consider herself on high alert."
The Grizz, on Joel Madden's penchant for underage snatch in the wake of his breakup with Hilary Duff
be like mark

begin to hope - regina spektor


battlestar galactica - season 2.5


what is the what - dave eggers
adventures w/disposable income
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amount: $70 (ish)
(1) ticket to see MMJ
(2) dewars on the rocks
(1) jager shot
(4) budweisers
(1) shot of ginger-infused vodka
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