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Wednesday, November 05, 2008  

Moving On Up (Ish)

If you're swinging by to check the haps on a blog that hasn't been regularly updated in, well, two plus years, your Uncle Grambo has got some good news for you. I've been setting up shop over at http://whatevs.tumblr.com for the past month and some change. I migrated all of the 2006-2007 WordPress content that got hacked by the commie Russian Turkish pinko bastages, and also brought some of my Defamer highlights over as well. I'm working on getting a redirect in place so you don't have to change your (old as hell) bookmarks, but for now, you can check the haps simply by clicking below: whatevs (dot org) Alrighty then!

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Sunday, October 05, 2008  

Working On It

Hey peeps. Since I have some free time on my hands, I'm going to be putting some work into resurrecting this site. I will be working on bringing back all of the content that got hacked by those Turkish Russian commie pinko bastages over the coming days and weeks, as well as giving this site a fresh new look. Stay tuned, yo.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008  


does this work?

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007  

Dudes and Dudettes

What up, playas? Just a quick note to check in and let you know that I have NOT abandoned you, the loving and adoring denizens of the FOW Nation. Rather, your Uncle Grambo has been spending his free time (and disposable income) working on a whatevs (dot org) redesign that I'm hoping will be live by week's end. Nothing too radical, but I am switching blog providers (bye bye, Blogger, bye bye) and making a number of tweaks that I'm hoping you'll find to be value adds. I've been posting daily -- it was one of my resolutions -- so it's only a matter of time before my trademark witticisms become public fodder once again.

Until then, my friends, I leave you naked and vulnerable with nothing but the wise words of Sarah McLachlan to shield you from the blustery chill outdoors. "Hold on, hold on to yourself / `Cause this is gonna hurt like hell."
Your Uncle Grambo

PS - Durst's new look ... revealed! What up, Graybeard McGillicudy!?!

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Thursday, December 21, 2006  

The Grahammys 2K7: Best Singles

A little history lesson for you, the faithful followers that make up The FOW Nation. Sometime back during the Clinton presidency, a few spores were borne that eventually germinated to become the universally renowned web log that is Whatevs.org. You see, back in those days, things called IRC and chain emails were all the rage. It was during this time that your Uncle Grambo took advantage of the available technology at my disposal to began sending out year-end recap emails to family, friends and perturbed co-workers from my desk in the hallowed halls of Borders Group Incorporated. Creatively dubbed "The Grahammys" (for reasons that should be obvs), they began with a simple list of my Top 10 films of 1995. From there, the lists grew almost exponentially with every passing year into something more intricate, more delicate, and more best (some would argue more tedious).

Anyway, I did these lists for a number of years and people seemed to enjoy them (they can all be found on the Whatevs.org Archive Page). But, for the last few years, a deadly combination of being REALLY busy and REALLY lazy procluded me from taking the time to educate you -- the tired, huddled masses -- with my worldly worldview. Fortch for us all, I carved out time over the past few weekends to return The Grahammys to their rightful place of glory and unswerving besteverness.

So, with that said, please enjoy...



20) "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken", Camera Obscura — Twee as FUCK! [vid]

19) "My Love", Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. — Everything that Pitchfork said, only without so much drooling. [vid]

18) "Don't Listen To The Radio", The Vines — But definitely listen to this song! [vid]

17) "24 Hours", The Sounds — Anyone still carrying a torch for the fashionably retro `80s movement (which includes this blogga) best d/l this song on the quick. Not sure why the label never released this as a single, it was the best song on what amounted to be a really strong record.

16) "Move Along", All American Rejects — While they'll never be as cool as The Devil's Rejects, I bet they write better pop songs. Insanely hummable! [vid]

15) "Monster Hospital", Metric — Bam chicka bam chicka boom boom boom shallack shallack boom shallack shallack boom. Bam chicka bam chicka boom boom boom shallack shallack boom. Obvs! [vid]

14) "One Man Wrecking Machine", Guster — This song shares a thematic and spiritual kinship with Bob Seger's seminal "Against The Wind", except there's a twist. While Seger famously wishes "he didn't know now what he didn't know then", Ryan Miller begins the song wanting quite the opposite. Where the song goes from there is what makes this one a classic. [vid]

13) "The Charging Sky", Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins — When you've got the foxiest voice on wax, even a song leaden with damning criticism of our nation's cultural, religious and political state of affairs sounds undeniably heaven sent. So gorge. [live on kimmel]

12) "Crooked Teeth", Death Cab For Cutie — I've always kinda been in the camp that thought DCFC were boring pussbags. Their performance on SNL earlier this year changed my mind. Who knew they could actually sorta rock? [live on snl]

11) "Bring On The Quiet Nights", The Prime Ministers — Rare is the song that makes an evening home on the couch sound more appealing than seeing the latest buzz band in a smoke-filled room. But then again, this is the niche that The Prime Ministers have always dominated. Celebrating the pleasures of domesticity ... so necessary. [exclusive mp3 courtesy of B.B. Fett, myspace]

10) "Skip To The End", The Futureheads — For whatever reason, the well of Blog Love dried up for these chaps this year. Shame, because this record -- buoyed by this bouyant first single -- was way better than their first. [vid]

9) "Cheated Hearts", The Yeah Yeah Yeahs — Admittedly, there's nothing on this record to rival the overall besteverness of "Maps", and that's probably why fickle MP3 bloggers turned their backs on The YYYs in 2K6. That said, the power and passion present in this fan-frakkin-tastic single eclipses anything that Tapes And Tapes or Beirut or any other lame-o blogdarlings of `06 will EVER release. [vid]

8) "The Loving Sounds Of Static", Mobius Band — Simple is as simple does. At least in the case of the insanely simple yet astoundingly catchy drumbeat that sets the table for one of the most slept-on indie rock jams in recent memory. Ghostly! [vid]

7) "Fraud In The `80s", Mates Of State — Probably the best dis track since "How Ya Like Me Now?". But instead of taking on Cool J and his cookies, Kori takes on (and takes down) all the bands riding the wave of resurgence for the `80s synth sound. Pleasing to your ears! [vid]

6) "When You Were Young", The KillersBrandon, Brandon, Brandon. It still can't understand how or why you couldn't figure out how to insert a chorus into this song! You wrote 85% of what would've amounted to be a CLASSIC, but it's that other 15% that separates the wheat from the shaft. Well, that and less embarrassing facial hair. [vid]

5) "Tonight", The Fags — In the pantheon of the All-Time Greatest "Roll The Windows Down, Turn The Music Up!" rock songs, this song deserves a place in Top 20. I challenge anyone who's debating whether or not to go out on a given Friday night to listen to this song and then NOT go out and tie one on. All kinds of awesome. [myspace] [iTunes]

4) "Lazy Eye", Silversun Pickups — The driving rhythm of "1979" is echoed in this song's bouncy bassline, but when the lead-guitarist/singer Brian Aubert drops the hammer at the 2:45 mark, things crescendo real quick-like into fast and furious territory. Building into a full minute of some of the tastiest feedback heard since "Nowhere", the song neatly strips itself piece by piece down to its essential core over the course its final minute. Epic! [vid]

3) "Fidelity", Regina Spektor — Are dudes allowed to swoon? Cuz that's EXACTLY what your Uncle Grambo did when I first heard this song back in June or thereabouts. Sometimes, there's just no denying the power of an exquisite love song. And that video? If you're ever feeling down, overdose on the adorable facial expressions on display at the 1:06 mark. Swoontastic. [vid]

2) "Crazy", Gnarls Barkley — These motherfrakkers had the OC-768 hookup into The Zeitgeist this year. Listen, when S/FJ taps you on the shoulder for putting out the Best Single in `06, it's better than being knighted. But to your Uncle Grambo, there was ANOTHER song that ruled them all...


1) "Standing In The Way Of Control", The Gossip — Before this song came out, the only thing I knew about fat chicks was that they occasionally enjoyed wearing party hats. All BLATANT sarcasm aside, Beth Ditto is a big girl with a HUGE voice who fuckin' knocked this song out of the park, Cecil Fielder stizz. When she bellows "WE WILL LIVE OUR LIVES!" (some say in response to our government's ban on homosexual marriages), her growlgrrrl voice resonates against a dancepunk groove with the kind of urgency and defiance not heard since Fogerty's vox on "Fortunate Son" ... I swear. Viva la revolution, and viva la best! [vid, mp3, remixes]

Thanks for sticking with me. Keep an eye out for The 2006 Grahammy Award winners for Best Albums of the year. Until then, drink water.

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Jack Donaghy on last week's "30 Rock"
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