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date: 7.26.03

location: the palace (auburn hills, MI)

event: Jim Rome Tour Stop #31

other: starring Coach Glinka, Big Matt, Buddis Lembeck, D-Mac (aka Darren McCarty), Silk, Bill Laimbeer, Chuck Daly, Ernie Harwell, Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson, Joe Dumars, Stoney, Brady, Sean Baligian and, of course, Jim Rome himself!

photos: all taken by Uncle Grambo (except where noted otherwise)

The eye of the tiger

The eye of a tanner

Yeah, there were some of those there too (NOTE: The U of M flag was on a different car than the one the WT Lady was dancing on)

Fortunately for the Clones, there were plenty of honeys there too!

Lips like sugar, sugar kisses!

I feel like somethin's heatin' up! (Photo Credit: Big Matt)

Uncle Grambo after 13 parking lot beers and a few Red Bull and Vodkas

Stoney warms up the crowd of over 15,000 Jungle Dwellin' Clones

Hey Baligian, that's my girl!

Commence drooling ... NOW!

Jim Rome ... finally revealed! (Photo Credit: Big Matt)

Welcome to the Jungle!

Get in the Zone ... Auto Zone!

The Pimp in the Box!

"WHAT ... IS ... UP?!?!?!" (Photo Credit: Big Matt)

Bill Laimbeer ... the baddest of the Bad Boys.(Photo Credit: Big Matt)

Romey talkin' smack with Coach Chuck Daly

Chuck Daly presents Rome with a Pleather Lions Jacket! (Photo Credit: Big Matt)

"That one's LONG GONE!" Rome with the legendary Ernie Harwell. (Photo Credit: Big Matt)


Bad Boys, Bad Boys. Whatcha Gonna Do? Rome with Rick Mahorn, Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson and Bill Laimbeer. (Photo Credit: Big Matt)

These hotties deserve a second look!

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