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date: 7.26.03

location: the palace (auburn hills, MI)

event: Jim Rome Tour Stop #31

other: starring Coach Glinka, Big Matt, Buddis Lembeck, D-Mac (aka Darren McCarty), Silk, Bill Laimbeer, Chuck Daly, Ernie Harwell, Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson, Joe Dumars, Stoney, Brady, Sean Baligian and, of course, Jim Rome himself!

photos: all taken by Uncle Grambo (except where noted otherwise)

D-Mac with WDFN's Brady and Jamie

Darren McCarty Revealed!

Check out the clone with the XR4TI shirt!

Stoney giving Greg Brady some words of wisdom before the Tour Stop

The world famous Clone known simply as Silk represents with his Cade McNown jersey (Photo Credit: Big Matt)

Silk signs autographs for other less famous clones!

Loneliness and despair, courtesy of Coach Glinka

Big Matt representin' in the WDFN SUV!

Sean Baligian revealed!

Doesn't get much more fun than the Washer Game (Photo Credit: Big Matt)

Coach Glinka tries to reveal a can shot, Washer Game stizz!

Uncle Grambo displays perfect Washer Game form ... check out that backspin!

Uncle Grambo marinating with a fresh Coors Light in a Vitamin Water bottle ... doesn't everyone drink like this?

Big Matt pimping on a female WT clone ... obvs!

D-Mac and Grinder rock the Palace parking lot

Grinder and WDFN ... a match made in heaven!

Darren McCarty ... part-time rock star, full-time bad ass!

And the fans are obviously eating it up!

When I hear BASS drum, I gotta get dumb

Grinder wrapping it up with some Sex Pistols buzz

There was a wicked game of 4-Square organized by Sr. Buddis Lembeck

Coach Glinka was the reigning champ

Buddis Lembeck displaying perfect 4-Square Defensive Positioning ... Triple Threat buzz!

Every good game of 4-Sq deserves a beer

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