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Thursday, September 29, 2005  

SNL Season 31 ... REVEALED!

Kanye West has had a helluva summer, hasn't he? From appearing on the cover of Time to calling out G. Dubz before a national television audience of over 10 million people, no one has captured the spotlight this summer quite like Kanye. Riding the strength of his critically acclaimed and commercially successful multi-platinum sophomore album, "Late Registration", Mr. West will be this season's very first musical guest when SNL begins its 31st season this Saturday night.

Your Uncle Grambo is excited and honored to welcome the world-renowned, New York Times quoted duo of Nummer and H-Bomb back to the pulpit to preach the gospel of SNL to you, the faithful FOW Nation. Sit back and enjoy their patented pre-show comments, and let's all keep our fingers crossed that the show's 31st year will be a return to glory. On with the show...

Episode 1: Steve Carrell / Kanye West (10/1/05)

Right out of the gate, I'm upset none of my cast change wishes came true. Brace yourself for yet another season of Hammond doing Clinton and Trump, Maya doing Versache, Parnell doing Merv the Perv and Dratch being, well, Dratch. Looks like the only shakeup was the letting go of Rob Riggle which I'm guessing will go unnoticed.

The off season also saw the promotions of both Kenan Thompson and Finesse Mitchell. Kenan I can see, but Finesse? Are there really viewers out there aching for more Starkeesha? The Finesse promotion especially comes as a shock since it was rumored Detroit/Chicago Second City's own Antoine McKay was being auditioned over the summer. In my opinion, McKay would have been a much stronger player in the SNL cast than Finesse has proven to be.

Bad apples aside, I'm really excited about the two new featured players: Bill Hader and Andy Samberg. More so for Samberg. For those not familar with Mr. Samberg, check out his work (along with two new SNL writers) over at thelonelyisland.com. Hopefully the addition of these two prove to be as productive as the one-two punch introduction of Armisen and Forte back in 2002.

On the guest front we have Steve "Brick Tamland" Carell and Kayne West. I could care less about Kayne, but I'm sure Carell will do a good job - at least better than Affleck did last season as the premiere host. Carell proved in 40-Year-Old Virgin he can carry a feature film and his small screen work on The Office and The Daily Show have been solid. I'm sure coneys won't be subtracted based on him alone.

FYI: Although this will be Carell's first time hosting, it is worth noting he has been the voice of Gary on The Ambiguously Gay Duo for years. He is also married to Nancy Walls (cast member of the 1995-1996 season).

With the dawning of Saturday Night Live's 31st year on the air upon us, I'm initially saddened to see no real indication that this year is going to be any better than the last three seasons, which were, on the whole, dismal. I don't understand how the show is supposed to be moving foward when you have cast members like Darrell Hammond, who is now entering his 11th season. I'm sorry, but this guy hasn't contributed anything new to the show in what feels like forever and I'm actually embarrassed to see him still sticking around. Is he seriously satisfied with his bit parts of old impressions week after week?

And unfortunately, he's not the only one to be displaying what looks like permanent cast memeber status. Dratch, Rudolph, Parnell and Sanz are already at the 7 and 8 year marks, respectively. I mean, it's no surprise that their peak performances have come and gone, yet here they are, ready to jump on the recurring character bandwagon. Fey, who has all but ruined the face of Weekend Update and basically admitted to writing crappy sketches just because they will get air time, is also returning for her 6th year, albeit after a brief maternity leave. Even 5 year veterans Meyers and Poehler, who have been extremely funny in the past, are starting to show signs of burning out.

So, where does that leave the fate of SNL's Season 31? Armisen and Forte, who I'm sure would more than embrace the challenge? Newly promoted cast memebers Keenan and Finesse? Jason Sudeikis, the featured player who appeared in only a handful of skits? Or newcomers Andy Samberg and Bill Hader? I'll be the first to admit that anything can happen in the crazy world of live sketch comedy, but I gotta say, I'm not too optimistic for any sort of major comeback with ultimately the same old faces this year.

As for the premiere on October 1, Steve Carell seems to be one of the better choices for hosting duties. I never did get around to seeing 40-Year-Old Virgin, but his work on Anchorman and The Daily Show mark him as a good enough candidate for host in my book. Kayne West doesn't exactly thrill me as the musical guest, but that's mostly because I'm not at all familiar with his music. If he sucks, then I guess that's what bathroom and pizza breaks are for.

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