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tuesday, august 27  

so long, it's been good to know ya

hey kids, i won't be publishing content either tomorrow (8.28.02) or the next day (8.29.02). i will be in Hot-Lanta USA attending some focus groups for work. hope that the following few days treat you well and that you get laid and that you get paid...obvs. keep it real, aiiight?

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!!!there's more...if you dare

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Insane Clown Posse Hit the Streets to Promote New Album; Visit Haunted Houses

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 27, 2002 3:44pm ET-- The eccentric and mysterious rap group Insane Clown Posse have just finished their latest album titled "The Wraith: Shangri-La." The album will hit record stores on November 5th through their own label, Psychopathic Records. With the music kept under lock and key, ICP members Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope hold the most anticipated album of the year. The first single off the album, "Homiez," has received remarkable feedback from radio thus far.

you can read the rest by clicking through: Insane Clown Posse to Release the Anticipated Sixth Joker Card ``The Wraith: Shangri-La'' on Nov. 5th.

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if there's anyone else headed up to Toronto for the film festival next week, Dave Poland's Toronto preview is a must read. even if you're not headed to the Great White North, it's a nice fall preview.

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from the "you have GOT to be shitting me" files...

this little tidbit is hot off the press: ABC Greenlights 'Romy and Michele's HS Reunion' Prequel. you have GOT to be shitting me.

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disappointingthe next two weeks are probably the greatest two weeks of the year for sports fans. like college football? the wolverines open this saturday at the big house. like the NFL? it kicks off next thursday night. like tennis? the US open is in full force. hate baseball? those bastards are going to strike this week. life could not possibly be better!

speaking of sports, anna kournikova lost in the first round of the us open yesterday, marking yet another disappointing performance in a major. i was looking forward to some Kournie matches under the lights at Flushing Meadows on USA, but alas, i guess we'll have to wait another year for that one. but serena williams made a big splash with not only her victory last night, but with her leather one-piece outfit that is generating fashion buzz this morning on Reuters. personally, i don't dig on chicks who can curl more than i can bench, but hey, that's just me.

guns n' roses played a gig in london the other night, and of course NME was there to reveal it. the band's set was described as "stunning", and NME reports that Axl and the boys are heading back into the studio to finish up their long-awaited LP "Chinese Democracy."

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(this morning...continued)

and what would a morning be without a visit to the Los Angeles Times? this morning didn't disappoint (does it ever)? first of all, patrick goldstein has an interesting take on the dumping ground for shite films that is Labor Day Weekend. every know that this weekend is positively sids at the box office and it always has been, as studios have unleashed dreck such as "Excess Baggage", "Chill Factor", and Jean Claude Van Damme's epic "Knock Off" on Labor Days past. the lone exception to this rule (and I'm glad Goldstein noted this) is last year's exceedingly creepy masterpiece "Jeepers Creepers". yes, i just said "masterpiece" and "Jeepers Creepers" in the same sentence. if you haven't seen it, stop what you're doing and buy it from Amazon right now...i'm dead serious when i say that the first 30 minutes are some of the best in recent movie history, especially in this often-tired genre.

and while you're over at the LA Times site, check out this week's Ask Robert Hilburn, where he answers readers' questions on topics as diverse as "What ever happened to Bob Seger?", "Do you consider the turntable to be an instrument?", and "What would be your top 10 influencial LPs that have had the most impact on music?".

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monday, august 26  

YEAH BABY! i'm totally internet famous now, i'm listed on Google.com. check out twenty search strings from Google that have led people to my website: donnie darko michael andrews mad world lyrics, eminem's brother nathan's pics, www.whatevs.org, audrey tatou jpegs, boiler room quotes, britney/4wheelers pics, clarky sonnenfeld, donnie darko song ending credits, eminem's little brother nathan's picture, flaming lips yoshimi song lengths, games by rathauser, grizz's girl porn, hilary clinton sexy photo gallery (!!!), hot bod and tail pipes porn, hot teen geocities, indie flix, jimmy fallon wav, kelly osborne wav, matt lauer paulina rubio, milf and julie

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Necronomicon Stizzwhat a prolific day for whatevs.org. you certainly got your money's worth today! here are two final tidbits to make your evening even better...

--while this should go in the Obvs File, it's still worth noting. at the 5th Annual DVD Awards, Anchor Bay Entertainment received the award for Best Packaging for its "Evil Dead: Book of the Dead'' DVD. props out to a local company that stands head-to-head with Criterion in their appreciation for overlooked gems.
--ESPN.com is reporting that the Detroit Lions have placed Germane Crowell on the physically unable to perform list, which means that he'll likely miss the first five or six weeks of the regular season. but leave it to the geniuses at Fanball.com toput it like this: "It's all about Az-zahir Hakim and Bill Schroeder for the first few weeks, not that it matters in Detroit's sorry offense. This passing game is going to suck." OBVS!

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reader retort

every now and then i get a particularily classic response to one of my postings and i feel the need to post it for the world to see (well, at least for the 12 or so loyal FOWs who check the site five times a day). below, please find such a response from Sabre Fanatic and Brother Rizz alum JJ Canfield on the violent break-up of an anti-G Dubz protest last week in Portland...


From: "Jeffrey Canfield"
To: Mark Graham
Subject: W
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:01:30 -0400


I am assuming that I am one of few (if any) FOWs who are also an unabashed FOG (friend of George W.) I feel compelled to respond to Sundays posting.

What you failed to include was that those demonstrators (more appropriately those granolas that asked Daddy to fly them to Portland so they could protest) were sprayed only after getting too close to the President. These people were free to demonstrate all they wanted to within a specific area. As soon as they crossed the line, then they got a face full of pain.

More importantly, exactly what "civil liberties" were being infringed? The First Amendment right to speech you say? Not really. The First Amendment has never been interpreted to allow unfettered "protesting rights". Reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on protests are allowed as long as there are compelling government interests at stake. There are few more compelling interests than the personal security of the President. This is well established. Please note that this scenario would have played out exactly the same if the President were Bill Clinton, Al Gore, or Ruterford B. Hayes. In short, George W, his policies, or party affiliation are not responsible for those hippies getting the spray.

A little heavy, I know. But I gotta look out for my boy. In closing, 2 things:

1. If given the chance, Id LOVE to fill one of those Birkenstock wearing losers full of Habenero juice. Fun stuff.

2. Ive reported your treasonous posting to John Ashcroft. Expect some G-men at your doorstep with a search warrant within 48 hours.


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it's not everyday that an email shows up in your inbox touting an up close and personal interview with Abel Ferrara. the director of cinematic masterpieces such as "King Of New York" and "Bad Lieutenant" has apparently finished a new movie called "R Xmas", which is the good news. the bad news is that like his previous two efforts, "The Blackout" and "New Rose Hotel", it is struggling to find domestic distribution. the grizz and i had the opportunity to catch the world premiere of "The Blackout" (starring Matt Modine and Dennis Hopper) back at the 1997 Toronto International Film Festival, so we can both attest to how best ever Abel Ferrara is. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that "R Xmas" will somehow slide into this year's Toronto Filmfest...

last but not least, Haypenny.com is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites. it's kind of like The Onion meets McSweeney's; adding to it's overall tigs quotient is the fact that it is produced here in Detroit (apparently). anyway, they have both daily and weekly updates, and today's daily update is worth the price of admission (editor's note - admission is free). it's titled The Start Of Your Rap Song, and here are a few of the examples...
--Now just throw your hands all over the place. Party like William Hurt in Lost in Space.
--Come on now, party people, jump up, jump up. Now, who wants to dare me to eat all of this ketchup?
--Murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, I get real scary like Peter Scolari, murder, murder, murder.

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two of my fave internet columnists, Jeffrey Wells and David Poland, square off and talk about this weekend at the movies on the brand new website called Movie City News. among other things, they talk about seeing Clint Eastwood bare-chested at age 70-something, the lack of big breasts in Blue Crush, and whether or not Adam Sandler made a pact with the devil. very funny and very insightful stuff about movies. worth your time.

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chris rock throws like a girl

too much tuss

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celebrity sighting

Subject: whatevs fodder?
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 14:02:38 -0400
From: "Graham, Adam"
To: "Mark Graham"

dude, forgot to tell you. pants and i are at einstein bagels in downtown birm saturday morning, and who's in line in front of us? obvs. robert plant, homes. wearing some sort of pink and/or orange hawaiian shirt, a pair of shorts and some sandals. just gettin bagels with a "whole lotta" cream cheese. total obvs. didn't say anything to his ass, though. obvs.

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tasty nuggs

--the Los Angeles Times' own Robert Hilburn writes a review of saturday's Bruce Springsteen concert at the Los Angeles Forum. apparently springsteen played "dancing in the dark" in one of the encores, which is extremely rare. in the five times that i've seen him live or on the two live CDs that i own ("Live 1975-1985" and last year's HBO concert), he's never performed this song. does anyone know where you can score some live springsteen mp3s?

--this morning's New York Times has a great article about the incredible pace with which America has become enthralled by DVDs. it reveals that Training Day, which had a very successful theatrical run last fall ($76.3 mills), has already surpassed that figure on DVD sales and movie rentals (over $80 mills to date). it's an article that you've probably read before but, as usual, the NYT finds some different and unique angles that make the article worth your time.

--and when it comes to sites that are tops at revealing, NME is the leader of the pack. fobvs. "THE WHITE STRIPES star JACK WHITE joined THE STROKES on stage during their triumphant headline performance at the READING leg of the CARLING WEEKEND, NME.COM can reveal." best.

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this may come as a shock to the loyal FOWs of the world, but i'm VERY excited about tomorrow...but not for the reasons that you might be thinking. you might think that it's because tomorrow is the the inaugural whatevs.org ff2k3 fantasy football draft, you might think it's because the local best buy will be teeming with copies of the "Jackie Brown" and "Reservoir Dogs" dvds, and you definitely think it's because the new Coldplay and QOTSA cds are released. well, i gotta admit that i will be one happy camper tomorrow for all of the above reasons, but the shocker reason is that August 27th marks the release of The Dixie Chicks' new cd, "Home". i've been a casual fan of The Chicks for a few years, mainly because i lived with a girl who played their last CD over and over again. and while the song "Goodbye Earl" makes me want to crawl up in the fetal position and tear my ears off, i'm very excited to hear the new album. i think that my interest was piqued by their dynamic performance on last year's "America's Tribute To Heroes" telethon, not to mention an episode of "Trading Spaces" i saw a few months back with Natalie Maines. for those who are non-believers, there was a great article about the group, their new album, and their knockdown drag-out fight with Sony Music in yesterday's Sunday edition of The New York Times (registration required). if you need additional back-up, entertainment weekly gave the album an "A" in last week's double issue. so if you happen to see me at Best Buy tomorrow, i'll have a copy of "Home" in my hands as i walk to the cashwrap. i'll keep you posted on the album's worthiness as the week progresses...maybe it's something that you'll consider adding to your collection.

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sunday, august 25  

color me impressed. i'm just sitting around my apartment on a sunday afternoon and i decided to check my email. there was your usual "laser ink jet refills" and PornoSpam, but there was also a tasty little morsel from Mike Kegler. not only is he an ace drummer for Immerse, he is the proprietor and genius behind the wildly informative Glamorama-Online.com. it's a prime site for everything from Sophie Ellis-Bextor worship to Paul Auster discussions, but mike has really struck gold with his recent reviews of the Benicassim Festival in Spain. his coverage of sets by bands such as Radiohead, BRMC, Primal Scream and Belle and Sebastian (and that's just the tip of the iceberg!) easily tops the great NME's write-up. mad props to one of whatevs.org's favorite websites and most stellar FOWs.

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friday, august 23  

all that heavy political stuff was draggin' me down. here's some good ole fashion pop culture, courtesy of Fametracker...

Jake GyllenhaalVersusTobey Maguire

Jake Gyllenhaal vs. Tobey Maguire

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everyone knew that when G Dubs took office, we would end up losing some of our civil liberties. the proprietor of whatevs.org is not heavy into politics, but this absolutely makes me retch. apparently, our president is in Portland to make a speech and the speech drew some protestors (we're talking people with signs, not rioters or looting). here is what happened:

doused with pepper spraywhere's Darth Vader?

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tgif - obvs
sigur best

here's a friday morning dose of all that is good in the world...

--the grizz convinced the Detroit News to devote some valuable inches to his review of the new QOTSA album that streets on Tuesday. he's throwing "record of the year" calls out, but i say that's a little premature at this point. no doubt it is a very solid record and worth hitting Besties at lunch on tuesday for, but "record of the year" calls may not be warranted. as Asia once said, "only time will tell."

--apparently tuesday also marks the release of the new Aimee Mann album. if you're a fan, there's a good interview with her available on MTV.com. personally, i've never really been a big fan of her "all record labels suck and i'm an independant woman who does her own thing" schtick...that flagpole was previously (and more convincingly) planted by Ani DiWorsto. that being said, i loved the way that PTA used her as a musical narrator in Magnolia, esp. when the entire cast sang along to "Wise Up".

--i could go on a mini-rant about how phony and pretentious i think that members of the Cult of Macintosh are, but i'll save that for another time. apparently there is a girl in some iMac commercial that is becoming the biggest internet superstar since Cindy Margolis. she's a teen named Ellen Feiss, and you can read about her and the growing buzz that she's receiving in this article from today's LA Times.

--last but not least, NME reveals some details about the new Sigur Ros album. apparently it will not be titled and there will be no cover artwork. how does one say "best evs" in hopelandic?

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thursday, august 22  

for all of you out there who sold your ImClone shares before the bottom fell out, you should consider spending that $100K for Sergei Federov's Porsche, eBay style. no word on whether he nailed Pornikova in the back seat or not.

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hope at last

2002 has been a banner year in many respects, but historians will point to October 21 as the apex of best everness. on that glorious monday, Richard Ashcroft's new album will hit UK music shelves. titled "human conditions", the LP will feature 11 new ashcroft tunes. for those (like me) who can't wait that long, the album's first single, "check the meaning", will be released in the UK on October 7. no word yet on when and if the album will be released Stateside, but that's why god invented Amazon.co.uk.

in other hot news, happy birthday props must go out to Malbersblows. cheers on turning 28!

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wednesday, august 21  

for some reason, scientists are becoming more and more irritating by the hour. following the sheer insanity of the "space elevator" story, some meteorogical nerds have decided it was worth their time to upgrade the status of 1992's Hurricane Andrew!!! Here is a direct quote from the story: "On Wednesday, scientists ended a decade of debate on the storm's intensity by announcing that what was once thought to a Category 4 storm is now believed to have hit 165 mph making it only the third Category 5 storm to hit the United States in recorded history." How does one even BEGIN to respond to this madness? Ok, first of all, there wasn't a "decade of debate" on this matter. Everyone already knows that hurricanes are worst evs. Let's be rease, people were way too busy debating dot-coms, presidential blowjobs and hanging chads to worry about Category 5 storm classifcation. second of all, who the F cares anyway? does this new classification make people who lost their homes or loved ones feel any better about the situation? "gosh, you know i was pissed when my house got destroyed by that Category 4 'cane, but now that i hear that bitch was a Category 5, i feel pride bubbling up inside. you know, it's not everyday that you lose all your worldly possessions by a storm that raged as hard as that one!" third, does this really help us prepare for future violent weather? shit no! what are you gonna do when 165mph Hulkamania-esque winds come blowin' down on you? the answer is still "get the F outta dodge", same as it ever was. science. what a bunch of malarkey.

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don't nerds have anything better to concentrate on? apparently a group of Engi-Nerds are working on plans to build a "space elevator". yes, i said "space elevator". and yes, by that i mean "an elevator that would take you into space". space.com is reporting that the First International Space Elevator Conference was held on August 12th and 13th, where world class specialists in "materials science, bridge building, aerospace technology, law, business and financing" spent the time discussing how to make this project come to life. seriously, aren't there a lot more important things these people should be working on, such as making a powder that turns a glass of ordinary tap water into a juicy filet mignon?

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now THAT'S what i call a forehand smash!

anonymous tennis girl

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is this going to be a break-out year for SNL or a disappointment? the pressure is certainly on for some of the newer cast members, as veteran Ana Gasteyer just announced that she won't be returning this season. combine that with the departure of the Hall of Fame performer Will Ferrell and you've got people like Tracy Morgan and Amy Poehler with a lot of weight on their shoulders. who is going to replace these two performers? rumours are swirling that Lorne is going to go out and get another "big" name to fill the gap. by "big", i mean someone akin to Janeane Garofalo or Michael McKean in `95 (or thereabouts); a name and face that the public will recognize and tune in for, but more importantly, a reliable (yet temporary) presence charged with keeping the pressure off the developing talent. i know that my vote would be for Sarah Silverman, but she's already done the show and i know that she didn't enjoy the experience. we'll see...

in other news, one of my favourite internet columnists, Jeffrey Wells, has moved on from Reel.com. apparently his column will reprise over at Kevin Smith's fledgling Moviepoopshoot.com in a few weeks. anyway, out of habit (it being Wednesday morning and all), I surfed over to his old URL this morning and stumbled upon a new column called The Reel Deal by Sarah Chauncey. from the first read, it appears to be a little bit more pedestrian that Wells' column, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. we'll see how the column progresses over time, but it seems like Chauncey has some decent insider ties and a pretty thorough knowledge of both film and literature (her bio says she went to Yale with Ed Norton). she takes a few minutes to focus on One Hour Photo and Motherless Brooklyn, a project that is being produced by Ed Norton and based upon one of my favorite books of the last five years. both the column and the novel by Jonathan Lethem are worth checking out.

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tuesday, august 20  

i feel so very lame right about now. i just spent the last hour watching American Idol. the show was mostly worthless, but there is this girl on the show named Kelly Clarkson that will rock your socks. not only is she totally the cat's pajamas, she has a REMARKABLE voice. fox has done it again, they've hooked me on another show.

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yo yo yo. i am waking up before dark this morning to bring the FOWs of the world the news that you need to know. there won't be any more updates today, as i will be spending the day in an advertising seminar at the Ren Cen called "Great Advertising and Development". best.

--it turns out that The Freep wasn't the only news outlet to take the time this weekend to espouse the overall greatness of The Prime Ministers. the venerable Oakland Press and chief Detroit music aficianado Christina Fuoco took the time to profile the band.
--while it doesn't quite live up to the infamous video for "Smack My Bitch Up", check out Sputnik7.com to see the video for "Baby's Got A Temper". It begins with three old guys getting out of a late-model sedan and walking into what appears to be some sort of circus tent. Each of the men sits down in front of a mirror and begin applying make-up on themselves in an attempt to look like members of The Prodigy. after completing this, they stroll onto a stage and start performing...for a herd of cows!!! then, out of nowhere, nude strippers (is that redundant?) walk into the circus tent and begin milking the cows in a crazily pornographic manner. you'll have to watch the video for the rest, but i wouldn't do so at work unless you've got a door to keep co-workers out.
--The Grizz has an article in today's Detroit News about how being single in Detroit ain't really as bad as it's cracked up to be. obvs!
--and for any of the whatevs.org ff2k3 participants who may be checking the site today, i think that it would be a great idea if you used your #1 draft pick to select Terrell Davis. while you're at it, i hear that Andre Ware is going to make a big comeback this year!

that's all the news that's fit to print. sorry about the lack of Blue Crush, Good Girl, Signs and Full Frontal reviews...i've been slackin'. i'll get to those tonight.

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monday, august 19  

does it get any hotter?

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please enjoy this sneak preview of a not-yet-released website, courtesy of prominent NYC-based FOW Chet Fetters. this is what The Daily Show would be like if Jon Stewart lived in Astoria and had purchased every single issue of Q since 1989...

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it was just a few short days ago when i was talking up some of that Asia Argento buzz right here on whatevs.org. anyhoots, my point is have you SEEN the new rolling stone? best cover since last December's Britney cover, and definitely the first version of the magazine where the new editor they brought in from FHM was able to get his "vision" implemented. but before i go all Media Geek on you, i'll quit and let these pictures speak for themselves. best (and most intimidatingly sexxxy) tatt evs...

coverhands in the air, you're under arrest!

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i got more buzz than the bible's got psalms

pardon me for paraphrasing the house of pain, but whatevs.org is a guaranteed outlet for those looking to generate buzz. first it was the Gore Gore Girls...whatevs.org buzz led to an article in the Village Voice. then it was The Paybacks; after being hyped up on whatevs.org, they landed themselves a feature spotlight in Entertainment Weekly. the latest beneficiary of whatevs.org buzz are Rochester Hills' prodigal sons The Prime Ministers. this weekend's Detroit Free Press featured a glowing review of their latest record. brian mccollum is a bonehead bozo (he dissed Max Weinberg in his Springsteen review last week), but he appears to have righted the ship with this astute write-up.

posted by uncle grambo @ 1:51 PM

dear Friends Of Whatevs - i am insanely busy this morning. i haven't had time for web surfing. i just wanted to let you know that i will be updating the site later on this evening...until then, if you've got the time, check out the recent updates to Glamorama-Online.com. despite being somewhere in europe, Mr. Kegler finds the time to hop into internet cafes and blog blog blog away. obvs. until later...

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friday, august 16  

best movie poster of the year

check out the one-sheet for The Rules Of Attraction, based on Bret Easton Ellis' famed novel. it was adapted for the screen and directed by Roger Avary...coming soon to theatres near you??? you can tell just from the poster how sensationally obvs this is going to be. if this isn't enough, check out the latest trailer or Roger Avary's website.

starring James Van Der Beek

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true or false?

--blue pepsi is better than vanilla coke...
--palm pilots can communicate in morse code...
--blue crush will be responsible for 29 surfing related deaths in the next two weeks...
--fondue is preferable to parfait...
--the voice of our generation is Ethan Hawke...
--Jonathan Lipnicki's voice broke this week...
--barry sanders will play bass guitar on The Flaming Lips' fall tour...
--being eaten by wolves is less painful than being burned at the stake...
--there is no pain in this Dojo...
--post-it notes are more useful than remote controls...
--rudy giuliani is in negotiations to portray The Silver Surfer in an upcoming film...
--egging houses on Devils' Night relieves more stress than Ding-Dong-Ditching...
--dazzling penmanship will get you laid...

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lack of buzz

Baseball players have just approved an August 30 strike date. Looks like another year without a World Series. baseball blows.

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so i'm trying to drive down Woodward tonight and there's all these dream cruise fucks trying to drag race down...wait, that negativo buzz shouldn't be impacting the memories of the events of August 15, 2002...


yes indeed, tonight was the night that the entire world (well, at least all of southeastern Michigan, Northern Ohio and chunks of Canada) were waiting for. on the fifth night of Springsteen's The Rising tour, the sold-out crowd of 20,000-plus at the Palace of Auburn Hills reveled in the first local, live show since 9/8/99 (unless you count his HBO performance). that night, springsteen and his e-street band delighted and dazzled the crowd with favorites both old, new and (relatively) unheard of. but hardcore Bruce fans knew going in that tonight's show wasn't going to be a redux of the september `99 show, as the new album (and, consequently, the new tour) are all about the celebration of the rebirth of Springsteen the songwriter, not Springsteen the showman.

tonight's crowd at The Palace was a late arriving one, as expected. we had our asses firmly planted in our seats at 7:15pm EST, but bruce did not take the stage until 8:21pm EST. there was plenty of time for Palace conversations between the FOWs in attendance (The Grizz, Coach and Mandypants on topics as varied as Vinnie Johnson and Rage Against The Machine. but when the houselights finally went down and Bruce and the E-Streeters launched into "The Rising", the crowd filled in and Bossmania began to take hold.

though my posse was seated in the third row of the upper bowl in Section 220, most observers would agree that we were among the most ardous Springsteen supporters in attendance. our group was spotted singing along, dancing in step and even yelling with unabashful glee at ALL of the songs that His Holiness performed, including the 50% (11 of 22) of his set devoted to songs off the new album. leading off with the firefighter anthem "The Rising" (one of the few songs off The Rising which has a very literal connection to the events of 9/11) and smoothly seguing into "Lonesome Day", The Boss quickly realized that this suburban Detroit crowd was welcome and ready for any and all of his new material. hell, i wouldn't have minded if he had played each song off The Rising in the same order they appear on the album, but of course he didn't and the show was infinitely better because it didn't replicate the Oasis tour of 1995 (where they played each song off "Definitely Maybe" in the same order as on the album).

bruce has always been a populist at heart, and he displayed all of those characteristics again tonight as he threw out "Prove It All Night" as the night's third song. this was a big crowd pleaser on the last tour; it was more-often-than-not the second song of each of those sets (after "My Love Will Not Let You Down"). if the crowd wasn't already frenzied after his first two numbers, this certainly accomplished the task. the zeal was only intensified two songs later as the band launched into "Darkness On The Edge Of Town", the first widely-acknowledged masterpiece that Bruce played this eve. (con't)

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(The Rising Tour - 8.15.02 continued)

but just as quickly as Bruce had riled up the crowd, it was even greater aplomb that he asked the crowd "for a little quiet." midwestern crowds generally don't take well to being told what to do (especially when they're paying really good money for a show), but the crowd was respectful of the Boss' wishes and fell to a (mostly) silent hush for a solo acoustic version of "Empty Sky", another new song laden with undertones of the fear of mortality and spiritual emptiness. i have never seen ANY live performer with the ability, as cliched as it may sound, to take a crowd of 20,000 people in the palm of their hand and lead them in whatever way he / she / it chooses. in all fairness and honesty, some folks started heading for the bathroom during this time, but easily 85% of the audience stood still in respect for New Jersey's finest performer of all-time (yes Frank, i said "of all-time").

the show progressed with crowd pleasers ("Badlands" + new fave "Waitin' On A Sunny Day") and heartfelt emotional compositions ("You're Missing", "Worlds Apart"). then, in an unprecedented (at least for this tour) move, Springsteen and his loyal E-Streeters began playing the opening chorus and first verse of Martha + The Vandellas' "Dancin' In The Street" (Motown!) before breaking into one of the evening's many highlights, the newly-crowned fan fave "Mary's Place". taking the place of "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" from the last tour, this is the moment where Bruce takes a mid-song breather to introduce the band to the crowd and give them their proper props. obvs. highlights include the introduction of "The Great" Nils Lofgren and (directly quoting Springsteen) "The Coolest Man On The Whole God Damn Planet" (say his NAME!) Clarence Clemons.

senor springsteen rocketed through a few more tracks (see the setlist below) before his encore, which lived-up to its well-earned reputation as one of rock 'n' roll's finest. much to the crowd's delight, the first encore consisted of EVERYONE'S favorite bruce songs, "Thunder Road", "Glory Days" and "Born To Run" (w/the houselights up, obvs!). there isn't much to say about this triumvirate that hasn't already been said, other than to re-acknowledge that these songs make bands like Korn and O-Town piss their pants with jealousy. and though it was revealed on Backstreets.com weeks ago, the second encore was still a bit of a surprise, especially the full-on, balls out version of "Born In The USA". i've heard "BOITUSA" a few times live before, but this version had a lot more passion (even aggression) than I'd heard in the past; whereas normally Bruce performs this song solo + acoustic, this time it was the version virtually straight off the "Born In The USA" record. easily a highlight of the evening AND my entire lifetime. (con't)

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(The Rising Tour - 8.15.02 continued)

so, in conclusion, tonight's show was was sickeningly tigs. mad props out to the homeys who went to the show and those who I saw there (JJ + Nicole Canfield). tonight's MVP award needs to go to Bruce Springsteen (as if it could be anyone else), mainly for the talent and enthusiasm he brings to each and every song and live performance. the Under-Noticed, Over-Achiever Award(s) goes to the duo of Danny Federici (Organ) and "Professor" Roy Bittan (Keyboards / Piano), who have always provided the almost impossibly strong (and subtle) backbone to Bruce's timeless songs.

and for those who care, here was / is tonight's setlist:

the rising / lonesome day / prove it all night / the fuse / darkness on the edge of town / empty sky / you're missing / waitin' on a sunny day / the promised land / worlds apart / badlands / bobby jean / dancin' in the streets / mary's place / countin' on a miracle / american skin (41 shots) / into the fire

first encore: thunder road / glory days / born to run

second encore: my city of ruins / born in the USA / land of hope and dreams

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thursday, august 15  

Davis reveals that the upcoming 10th Anniversary Release of Reservoir Dogs on DVD has a "shitty" transfer. which is worst, again adding to my theory that everything that Artisan has touched post-Blair Witch (save Requiem For A Dream) has sids. thank The Almighty Lord Jesus that i already have the version that Live Entertainment put out a few years ago. you can check out screengrabs which compare the two by clicking here, here, and here. the Live version is on the left and the new and "shitty" (as proclaimed by Davis himself) Artisan version is on the rizz.

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there's all kinds of buzz on the wire today regarding three different planned versions of an Alexander The Great movie. the current front-runner seems to be Leo DiCaprio starring in a Spaz Luhrmann production, as Universal, Fox and uber-producer Dino DeLaurentiis are putting a full-court press to get DiBestio to sign on the line that is dotted. other planned versions include an Oliver Stone / Colin Farrell collaboration and a Christopher Nolan / Jim Carrey (!!!) effort. to the latter two, i vote "natch". Leo + Baz = Best Film of 2004 Buzz...if it gets made.

(editor's correction - i went back and re-read the article because I still couldn't believe that Jim Carrey was planning on portraying Alexander The Great. turns out that Nolan / Carrey are working on a Howard Hughes script, which could be competing with the long-rumoured Scorsese / DiCaprio version. my bad.)

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less than 7 hours `til Springsteen takes the stage!

in other concert news, NME reveals a review of the Guns N' Roses tour opener in Hong Kong. axel buzz. and the LA Times has two reviews of the recent Area2 show: one primarily discusses Moby and Bowie, the other focuses on the DJ tent.

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your fifteen minutes is up, yo!

i loved The Osbournes just as much as anyone else in america, but hasn't America unanimously agreed that their time has passed? sure, OzzFest is kickin' ass and takin' names, but does anyone really want the fad to continue with Season 2? apparently the Osbournes do, and they are pulling out all the stops to ensure they stay in the limelight as long as poss. in a move not seen since that little ragamuffin with the oh-so-adorable curls and punch-her-in-the-face-personality entered The Seavers' world on "Growing Pains", The Osbournes are adding another family member for their next season on MTV. yes, I'm serious. while i'm sure that the family's intentions are good and pure, you can't help but question their motives in resorting to the oldest and worst evs last-ditch tactic used to keep a television series afloat just a little bit longer. this totally reminds me of that episode of "The Simpsons" when the creators of Itchy and Scratchy decide to bring in Poochy to inject more life into the cartoon.

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morning television is best ever

just a few short weeks ago, i railed on anyone who actually spent time watching morning TV. so it is with an ample amount of crow that I admit that morning TV is the best evs. just this morning, within the span of about 10 minutes, I saw the following...

--the video for "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" (again! the white stripes have major mtv buzz)

--immediately following was a video for a very unremarkable song by a band called Glassjaw. they were all emo'd out in some alleyway lookin' like castoffs from Dashboard when, all of a sudden, it was revealed that the video starred VINCENT GALLO!!! yes, THAT vincent gallo. the genius behind "Buffalo `66" and star of underrated flix such as "Palookaville" and "Freeway 2: Confessions Of A Trickbaby." anyhoots, the video begins with him discovering that his wife / girlfriend / significant other is cheating on him / doesn't love him anymore / just wants him to leave. after this revelation, in an homage to Richard Ashcroft's triumphant performance in the "Bittersweet Symphony" video, Gallo walks down the streets of new york causing all kinds of trouble. gallo feigns attacks on a hot dog vendor and a few other random pedestrians before strolling down the very same alleyway that Glassjaw is playing in. gallo walks up to the band's amps and rips out their plugs, resulting in a few precious moments of silence, finally closing with a slow-mo show of Gallo just standing there with the wind blowing through his hair. ricockulously best (even though the song blows loads).

--as MTV cuts to commercial, i flip to The Today Show and who is on? lauer is interviewing none other than Donnie Darko himself, JAKE GYLLENHAAL! lauer reveals that his name is actually pronounced "jill-en-hall". Gyllies is promoting "The Good Girl", his new movie with Jennifer Aniston that opens in Metro Detroit this weekend. there is a viewing planned for Sunday afternoon if anyone is interested. anyway, Jake looks superbest and is self-effacing and incredibly funny and reveals his discovery of the lifecycle of the Hollywood actor: 1) "who is jake gyllenhaal?" 2) "get me jake gyllenhaal!" 3) "find me a younger jake gyllenhaal" 4) "jake gyllenhaal is ready for a comeback" 5) "who is jake gyllenhaal?"

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wednesday, august 14  

guess his body hit the floor. mtv.com reveals that the lead singer of Drowning Pool was found dead this afternoon. he was 30 years old. overdose, anyone?

in lighter news, mtv.com also revealed that Bruce Springsteen will remain on top of the Billboard 200 Albums chart next week, as The Rising sold 238,000 copies to top Nelly's latest by 30,000 records. mtv.com also confirms that (as first revealed by GKV on Monday) Beck will be touring with The Flaming Lips this fall. no dates have been announced yet, but obvs you'll hear about it here first.

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more Toronto Film Festival buzz! today's Variety confirms four premieres:

--Brian DePalma's "Femme Fatale", starring Antonio Banderas and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

--Julie Taymor's "Frida", starring Salma Hayek

--Curtis Hanson's "8 Mile", starring Eminem and Kim Basinger

--Shekhar Kapur's (director of "Elizabeth") world premiere of "The Four Feathers", starring Heath Ledger and Kate Hudson

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this morning's Hollywood Confidential column by Jeffrey Wells includes the 13 Fall/Winter movies that he feels have buzz. they include (in no particular order):
Rodger Dodger, Auto Focus, Frida, 8 Mile, Standing In The Shadows Of Motown, Solaris, Adaptation, The Antwone Fisher Story, About Schmidt, Catch Me If You Can, Gangs Of New York, Chicago and Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind. to that list, i would add Moonlight Mile, Stealing Harvard (if it ever makes it to Michigan), The Rules Of Attraction, Punch Drunk Love, The Ring, and LOTR2: The Two Towers to that list as possible Top 10 Grahammy Films. hopefully The Grizz and I will be able to deliver some buzz on some other movies not mentioned after we attend the Toronto International Film Festival on September 6-8. buzz.

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if you're lucky enough to live in the metro Detroit area, you have the privilege of listening to Detroit Public School Radio (90.9 on your FM Dial) every morning on the way to work. as much as i dig Drew & Mike (and, to a lesser extent, Jamie & Gregg and Mojo In The Morning), the only place that i tune into on my drive into work is the Morning Roll Call. it's all about old skool R&B and hip-hop jamz from the early `80s through early `90s. as an example, on the way in this morning I heard the extended "Roni" remix by Bobby Brown (from the "Dance...Ya Know It" remix album), followed by Biz Markie's "Vapors". granted, my drive into work is only 10 minutes long, but I always walk into work with a smile on my grill thanks to 90.9 FM...

"the truth about Roni she's a sweet ol' girl / about the sweetest lil girl in the whole wide world / she'll make the toughest homeboy fall deep in love / see once you've had a Roni you will never give her up / she's the special kinda girl that makes her daddy feel proud / ya know the kinda girl that stands out in a crowd / hug a tender Roni and the Roni feels so right / i think i'm gonna love her for the rest of my life!"
--bobby brown, "roni" (1988)

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tuesday, august 13  

okay, now i feel a little bit guilty about posting a pic of natalie portman's ass. to compensate, check out this interview with Dave Eggers from a recent edition of The New Yorker. his new book, a work of fiction, is due to hit bookstores in late September. but you can pre-order the book now if you visit his terrific website, McSweeneys.net.

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was it just me?

was it just me or weren't this year's VMAs supposed to be hosted by Jimmy Fallon and Natalie Portman? i'm watching MTV's red carpet preview right now and they keep saying that the show is hosted by only jimmy fallon. man, wazupwidat? maybe she got embarassed by this tabloid pic...


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hingis = best

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apparently the dearth of good British bands is making a financial impact on the United Kingdom, so the Brits are formulating a committee to figure out why their music has gone to shite. most of the blame is laid on the Gallagher Brothers (seriously!) and the fact that no one in the UK can rap to save their lives. the report points out the few bright spots of the British Music Machine as being Craig David, Coldplay, David Gray and Dido. i would throw Gorillaz in there, too. and of these five bands, I think that only Craig David has the ability and talent to surpass his last album's record sales. think about it: while all of the aforementioned artists/bands are talented, their success was pretty much a fluke based upon once-in-a-lifetime circumstances (Coldplay got some great commercial exposure during the Winter Olympics, David Gray got big because he was the tour opener for the DMB at the height of their popularity, Gorrilaz because of the whole novelty cartoon aspect, and Dido thanks solely to Eminem's "Stan"). the Limeys just need to face up to facts, america (specifically the Midwest and Great Plains states) just ain't in the mood for your type of music at this time...

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"Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Mother fuck him and John Wayne"
--Chuck D in Public Enemy's "Fight The Power" (1989)

about 13 years later, Chuck has kinda sorta retracted those bold words. apparently he felt it was time to clarify and explain that he really respected Elvis as a musician, but didn't like the way that The Man thought that he was the almighty inventor of R&B/rock music. chuck also found time to compare Eminem to Elvis, which isn't really that bold considering that Eminem's "Without Me" did that about four months ago. i hate to say it, but it's been all downhill for Chuck and PE since "Air Hoodlum" (from their Greatest Misses LP).

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so anyhoo, i turn on MTV this morning on my way out the door and i happen to turn on just as the Spankin' New Video intro comes on. so of course i sit down to see what they're showing and it happens to be "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground" by The White Stripes. it still puts a smile on my face to see the stripes on MTV, especially when their video is followed by the new Scarface single. who ever thought that MTV would be playing a Detroit garage rock band's video back-to-back with an ex-Geto Boy?

speaking of Detroit buzz, have you seen the new Entertainment Weekly? in this week's music reviews, they have a breakout section profiling Detroit up-and-comers The Paybacks. yes indeed, if you were buzzworthy enough to attend the WGP last thursday night (props to GKV), you were in the presence of potential national rockstars. and the rumour is that Spin Magazine is going to have a big Detroit feature in next month's edition...keep an eye on the newsstands.

it looks like the last days of Salon.com are upon us. Drudge reveals that Salon is seeking financing as their cash reserves are quickly dwindling. according to the report, Salon has enough money to last through the end of September...a proper eulogy will be written when and if their time comes.

and last but not least, birthday props must be thrown to full-scale FOWs MacK and JP. happy happy to both of y'all.

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monday, august 12  

i never surf harry knowles' "ain't it cool news" and i don't know what led me there this afternoon, but there is actually some good buzz there about Warner Brother's upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" movie. it seems like Batman is going to be played by Colin Farrell and Superman by Josh Hartnett, reportedly after Jude Law had a last-minute falling out with the studio. interesting buzz.

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in my continuing efforts to bolster your websurfing habits, i suggest that you click through to read "Ask Robert Hilburn" pronto. hilburn is a well-regarded music critic who writes a weekly column for the Los Angeles Times. but this column is unique in that it isn't a 500-word essay on whatever he feels like discussing in a given week, he responds to some of the more interesting questions that readers pose to him on a given week (sorta like Roger Ebert's "Ask The Movie Answer Man"). i've been reading this column for some time now and nary a week has gone by where it didn't provide some good conversation-starters or a few laughs. for example, this week he talks about how and why Morrissey never really caught on with the American public, how a majority of history's great albums (he mentions "The Joshua Tree", "Born To Run" and "Blue" as examples) were composed by artists while they were in their 20s, and how Rage Against The Machine's legacy will fare over time. i believe that new columns are posted on either Thursday or Friday...enjoy!

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i haven't seen xXx yet, but it's certainly on my shortlist of things to do (tonight, anyone?). whether you've seen it or not, you should read Elvis Mitchell's review from friday's new york times (registration required). among other choice cuts, he calls Diesel/Cohen "the Kurosawa-Mifune of the Mountain Dew Generation" and describes xXx as "...a film of Wagnerian scale Robert Wagnerian scale." classic!

while you're over at the NYT, take a few minutes to read "A Famous Author Says: 'Swell Book! Loved It!'", which is an interesting and amusing take on the quotes and blurbs from famous authors that show up prominently on just about every major book that gets released these days. or, if that doesn't toot your horn, read up on the growing battle between NetFlix and Blockbuster. It seems that Block-B's has begun testing a "Freedom Pass", which allows you to rent as many DVDs as your heart desires for only $25/month, which is the exact same price point as NetFlix currently uses. this battle can only mean good things for consumers, even though i spend double that amount per week at Besties.

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weekend update

greetings to one and all. last week can be considered nothing less than magnificently tigs, beginning with Area2 birthday buzz and concluding with The Strokes and The White Stripes playing on the Detroit river. yes, the stage at Chene Park is literally right on the river...boaters were pulling up to the side of the stage and trying to get a piece of Julian! well maybe i'm exaggerating just a little, but you get the point. the show was a decidely mixed affair, as The Strokes dazzled and The Stripes fizzled. i haven't been able to find any proper reviews of Friday night's show, but here's a review of Thursday's show at Clutch Cargo's, courtesy of The Grizz.

despite the overwhelmingly f-obvs nature of last week, it served as nothing other than a warm-up to this week. while the sheer number of bands performing (and subsequent beers downed) will not rival the week of 8.5.02, the blindingly best everness of this week just cannot be trumped. why? the answer is as obvs as apple pizz...Bruce Springsteen hits The Palace on Thursday night!!! in celebration of this rare and honorable occasion, it is officially Bruce Springsteen Week on whatevs.org. keep an eye out for an official review of The Rising, reviews of Thursday's concert, and many other Springsteen-related piping hot content. speaking of which, here is another review of Springsteen's tour opener last week, courtesy of Salon.com.

and in late-breaking buzz news, apparently Jack White performed three songs with Becklast night at Ann Arbor's fabulous Michigan Theater. prominent FOW GKV revealed this top secret buzz, and also reports that Beck will soon be announcing more fall 2k2 tour dates with The Flaming Lips in support. when asked for a description of last night's Beck show, GKV had only one thing to say..."TIGS!"

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(Special Baetens Edition)

young Dan Ackroyd vs. Jimmy Fallon. Michelle Branch vs. Avril Lavigne. Licious vs. Baetens. Fu Manchu vs. Foo Fighters. Showgirls vs. Striptease. Bratpack vs. American Pie cast. Zakk Wylde vs. ZZ Top. 5 p.m. Friday vs. christmas morning. My Melody vs. Hello Kitty. (melody licious)

baetens vs. unclegrambo

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friday, august 9  

alright everybody. be safe, have a good weekend and i'll see you at Chene Park tonight, if not sooner. remember, there's a post-show Plakas in the cards, perhaps even a late-night screening of LOTR. obvs. and oh yeah, if you didn't find yourself at last night's White Stripes/Strokes show at Clutch Cargo's, here is a link to NME's review of the show. l8s!

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gore gores vs. paybacks. julian vs. jack. canes vs. guitars. peabs vs. ian. coneys vs. chili cheese fries. eddie vedder vs. chris cornell. pistachio disguisey vs. billy madison. margaritas vs. pina coladas. 94 vs. 75. case vs. marlboros. toes vs. legs. whitney garden party vs. clutch cargos. blue pepsi vs. lemon coke. xXx vs. blue crush. best buy tuesdays vs. porn. freep vs. detnews. gallaghers vs. albarn. baetens vs. britta. two towers vs. fellowship of the ring. whatevs vs. the world. (unclegrambo)

kfc vs. plakas. nme vs. god. AG vs. deadlines. mr. deeds vs. red dragon. fuoco vs. mccollum. lilo vs. stitch. burton vs. schumaker. nas vs. hov. wwf vs. wwe. stephanie mcmahon vs. kelly osbourne. wk vs. elvis. sids vs. aids. (grizz)

Heather vs. Erik. Live vs. Candlebox. Cell vs. Landline. Memento vs. Insomnia. JB vs. KG. SNL vs. Mad TV. Stern vs SNL. Drew vs. Mike. WRIF vs. 89X. Me vs. You. BK vs. McDonalds. Hut vs. Caesars. (nummer)

People vs. Us. Janeane vs. Carson. 25 vs. 21. Kylie vs. Shakira. Chipati vs. Calzone. Venus vs. Bust. Anna Nicole vs. Liza. I am Trying to Break your Heart vs. The Last Waltz. (MacK)

ditka vs. god. national coney vs. lipumas. conquistador vs. don julio. brooks brothers vs. j crew. schwartz vs. diet coke. senior girls vs. junior girls. the squirrel vs. curley. malbers vs. cpa. playstation2 vs. significant others. lawnmowing vs. lounging. mortgage payments vs. 220. (coach)

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props deserve to go out to the Detroit Free Press for their "attached garage" mini-site that launched yesterday. it features profiles on up and coming, Detroit-based bands that are gaining buzz on a daily basis. the list includes The Gore Gore Girls, The Paybacks and, of course, The White Stripes. check it out.

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live from jersey
All Springsteen, All The Time

the nation (and this website) are clearly in the grips of Springsteen mania. his tour rolls through D-Town in a mere six days. those looking for some early reviews of the shows need look no further. of all the places, FoxNews.com sports a pretty interesting review of the tour opener on Wednesday night. Key tidbits revealed in the article include: Elisabeth Shue getting dissed for backstage passes, Tipper/Al Gore getting denied trying to score free tix to the show, and the audience's reaction to the set that is mostly comprised of new material.

i also wanted to throw props out to those who attended the fabulous Whitney Garden Party last night, starring The Gore Gore Girls and The Paybacks. major props go out to Coach, 'Los, both Jills, and the one and only GKV. for those keeping score at home, i got a couple of hot pix with me and the scrumptious Miss Melody Licious...unfortunately they won't be posted on the site until this wknd, due to the fact that i arrived home late last night with a belly-full o' margaritas, Agave-stizz. obvs.

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thursday, august 8  

the new rolling stone just hit newsstands last night. of course it includes a five-star review of the new Springsteen album. while i love to see four and five star reviews for The Boss, this particular review is oh so very blemished for two major reasons:

1) the reviewer is Kurt Frickin' Loder (!!!). are you kidding me? although i have major respect for the man, he jumped the shark at least three or four years ago. just because he used to be besties with Madge doesn't necessarily equate to the ability to remain tigs. while he is probably STILL the most well-known music critic/editor that is working today, let's face it...he ain't got no more juice.
2) the magazine that the review appears in is Rolling Frickin' Stone (!!!). are you kidding me? these milkshakes just pucker up and smooch the arses of any and all rock legends over 50. witness their recent five-star reviews for Dylan's "Love and Theft" and that atrocious Mick Jagger solo album from last fall ("Goddess In The Doorway"???). Rolling Stone blows, and anyone who's anyone knows it.

that being said, the album is incredibly solid. if you don't already own it, you obviously have problems. what are you waiting for? don't believe the media hype that it's all about 9/11, because it's not. it's a springsteen album and consistent with the themes he's been singing about for the past 30 years. go buy it today.

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if you are perusing whatevs.org in search of an Area2 recap that puts MTV.com's to shame, come on back tomorrow. i've been unable to complete it due to that my day continues to get progressively busier with each passing minute. in the meantime, enjoy this photo of the lovely Miss Melody Licious. she'll be at The Whitney Garden Party this evening, where the Gore Gore Girls and The Paybacks will be performing. hopefully i'll see some FOWs in attendance. l8s!

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courtesy of Backstreets.com, here is the setlist from last night's Springsteen concert, Jersey style...this is for canfield and clizzark.

August 7 / East Rutherford, NJ / Continental Airlines Arena
Notes: "It's always great to open in the Garden State" says Bruce, kicking off the tour with a two-and-a-half hour show.
Setlist: The Rising / Lonesome Day / Prove It All Night / The Fuse / Darkness on the Edge of Town / Empty Sky / You're Missing / Waitin' on a Sunny Day / The Promised Land / Worlds Apart / Two Hearts / Badlands / Mary's Place / Countin' on a Miracle / American Skin (41 Shots) / Into the Fire
First Encore: Born to Run / Glory Days / Thunder Road
Second Encore: My City of Ruins / Born in the U.S.A. / Land of Hope and Dreams

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an accompaniment to this morning's Veni Vidi Voicemail is adam's review of yesterday's OzzFest. you can pick up a copy for yourself at newsstands everywhere.

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in order to apologize for being out all day yesterday, here are a few tasty morsels of chewy goodness for you to munch on this morning...

*Mariah's new album will be dropping on December 10. As reported months ago on whatevs.org, Mariah signed with DefJam after her deal with Virgin collapsed in the wake of the trainwreck that was Glitter. Look for this album to make a serious run for this year's Top 10.
*The Rising debuts at #1 on this week's Billboard Charts. Springsteen moved 525,000 copies last week, easily his all-time best debut. Obvs.
*Asia Argento is about to blow-up in America. after this weekened, when she'll be all over movie screens this weekend as Vin Diesel's co-star in xXx, she'll finally escape the shadow of her Auteur Supreme father, Dario Argento.
*Songs For The Deaf finally hits the shelves next week. It takes a little longer to grow on you than Rated R did, but the highs that the Queens reach on this album are much higher than they've reached before.
*prominent FOW MacK turned in an excellent review of last weekend's Coldplay concert in Chicago. i've been staunchly in the anti-Coldplay camp for some time now, mostly because of the radio overkill on Yellow and Chris Martin's oversized egomania. but i saw the video for In My Place last night and i think they've won me over again. the new album is out on 8.27.
*look for an Area2 recap later on this afternoon...

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Veni Vidi Voicemail...

"Hey dude, it's me, reporting live and direct from OzzFest 2002. Just checkin' out the merch wondering, uh, what you wanted me, what kinda shirt you wanted me to pick you up. We have "Been There, Fucked That", "I'm Fat, Fuck Off", "Satan Is My Bitch", "Fuck Off", "Let's Review: #1 - Eat Shit, #2 - Die", "I Fuck Sheep", "Shut The Fuck Up", "Fuck Off", "Show Me Your Tits". Did I already say "I Fuck Sheep"? That's one of them too. And then, the best one of course, there's "Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck". Also available in hat. "Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck." Best. Alright dude, see ya."

Voicemail first heard at 4:17pm on 8.7.02. An outside caller (The Grizz).

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tuesday, august 6  

yo yo yo yo. i'm going to quickly update the site this morning and give you a few things to chew on, as I will be out at the hallowed grounds of the DTE Energy Center (aka Pine Knob) for the Area2 festival today. mad props to glinka suave for scoring me some ultrafine bday tix. look for some sort of report on the scene by thursday, just in time for the chicago FOWs to know which performances are tigs and which are tediously worst. but before i let ya go, here are a few things i discovered for yr reading pleasure...

*courtesy of allstar news, here is a summary of the first two shows on the N. American leg of the Oasis tour. apparently liam stormed off stage four songs into his performance the other night in ft. lauderdale...talk about a tired band. i've got some FOWs who will kill me for saying this, but Oasis jumped the shark way back when they tried to put on a concert at The Palace back in the What's The Story, Morning Glory era. every subsequent concert, cd-single, and LP they have delivered since then does nothing other than further tarnishing their once-illustrious career.
*while the world patiently awaits the Glamorama review of Radiohead's Benicassim performance, here is some NME scoop on their setlist and new album.
*today will go down in history as legendary for many reasons. not only is it the birthday of legends such as andy warhol (dead), lucille ball (dead), and robert mitchum (dead), but it is also the birthday of Geri "Sexy Spice" Halliwell (ALIVE!) and yours trizz (SO ALIVE, LOVE + ROCKETS STYLE). on top of these bacchanalian birthday bestevs, check out today's DVD Journal for a list of the mega-hott DVDs that are released on August 6, 2002. i'm talking LOTR, Simpsons Season 2, Hot Shots, Hot Shots Part Deux, Clash Of The Titans and so many more! all hands on the bad one!
*and if any FOWs out there happen to be extremely rich and powerful, here's what you can get a brotha on his birthday...a spears sandwich! bzzzzt...OUT!
Spears Sandwich With Extra Obvs, s'il vous plait

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monday, august 5  

it's another Manic Monday for Marky Mark. i've got tons of thoughts and things to discuss, but i don't have any time to get to writing. but in the interest of keeping all of the FOWs out there from suffering from Pop Culture Starvation, this morning's Salon.com has an awesome article that celebrates the emergence of Nike's Air Jordans. this article links straight to the printer-friendly version, so you don't have to worry about Salon's pop-up flash ads. enjoy!

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friday, august 2  

college football's pre-season coaches' poll was just released. u-m is ranked #10, which is a little too high if you ask me. the spartys are featured at #18.

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smoking crack with the homeless

searchin' for Melmac

so i'm listening to "Trudi News" this morning on the way into work. trudi reported that an actor from the TV show Ed was caught smoking crack with some homeless guy in Brooklyn. and even though i didn't watch a single episode of Ed during Season 2, i still have an affinity for the characters (esp. Carol Vescey). so, in an attempt to figure out what happened, i typed in "smoking crack with the homeless" on google and i stumbled across this story! how come i never heard that the dad from Alf was CAUGHT ON VIDEOTAPE SMOKING CRACK AND HAVING GAY SEX?!?! yes, i said Willy Tanner! you know, the mild-mannered guy who always got frustrated with the hilarious cat-eating antics of Alf and the nosy yet neigborly presence of the Ochmoneks but always ended the show calm, patient and fatherly ...what the F? where was i when this story broke? but, more importantly, what is willy tanner doing smoking crack? he's like 65 years old and a total nerd! look at him!

anyhoo, further research on the whole "actor from Ed" subject reveals that, allegedly, it's all a big misunderstanding. and it wasn't Ed, Carol Vescey, Phil or even Warren Cheswick...it was Dr. Mike. WILLY TANNER SMOKES CRACK (allegedly)!

better days

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thursday, august 1  

just in case you're like me and you've been wondering what Q*bert is up to lately.


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he can get stomped by Obie
the line-up for next Tuesday's Area2 concert has been revealed. finally, the question "does Moby have the balls to usurp David Bowie and close the concert?" has been answered. and the answer is a resounding "obvs", as moby is detroit's official headline act. if you're going to Area2, be sure to get in touch with me. best.

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whatevs traffic

last night, at 9:34pm EST, whatevs.org racked up its 3,000th visit. i know, i know, this doesn't sound like very much. but if you take a look at the chart above, you'll see that whatevs.org has been kicking ass and taking names over the last month and some change, with over half of the site's all-time traffic coming through during july. so i just wanted to take this very brief opportunity to thank all of the loyal FOWs out there, and please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see make it to the site. i'm currently working on a mini-glossary to help explain "what the hell i'm talking about" (i get this email from various FOWs almost daily)...hopefully that will make it up by this wknd. i'm also planning on some bigger and better things down the road, but i won't let those proverbial cats out of their proverbial bags until the right time. obvs. so, once again, thank you for your patronage and continued visits. i have promised piping hot content for your sexy bod, and i'm glad to see that you're diggin' on it.

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thursday thursday...

tgit. obvs. the only hot news that i've discovered this morning is Blur is set to release their follow-up to 13 in January.

but before i let you go, i would like to take a second to tell you that last night was one of the more underrated nights in the history of television. there was no buzz for the evening going in and, not surprisingly, no water cooler discussion the morning after. but last night's Cornocopia of Televised Delight requires a recap. if you were flipping around digital cable last night, you were likely to stumble upon Buffalo '66 on IFC, American Psycho on HBO2, Crank Yankers on Comedy Central, One Crazy Summer on VH-1, At Close Range on channel 157 (it's called like "True Life Movies" or something like that)...even American Idol on FOX. a truly marvelous night for channel surfing.

and yes, i just said American Idol. i have avoided this show, Bubonic-style, all summer long, but i thought that i would tune in last night to see what the fuss was all about. thankfully, my assumption from the get-go was correct. the show has sids. it was on from 9:30-10pm last night; by my count, that is 30 minutes. and the show had SIX COMMERCIAL BREAKS!!! that's not even counting the commercial they show after the closing credits! six commercial breaks in 30 minutes is ludicrous. and what filled those breaks was sheer fluff...why is this show the hottest thing since Gerardo? admittedly, there wasn't a "talent" portion last night so i didn't get to see if any of the Idol wanna-be's had any (talent, that is). maybe i'll tune in again.

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be like mark
adventures w/disposable income
date: 10.11.02
source: Starbucks
amount: $5.40
(1) Venti-sized Tazo Chai
(1) Lemon Poppyseed Muffin
where's grambo?
october 14: clinic wsg apples in stereo @ st. andrews
october 15: underworld @ clutch cargo's
october 17: peaches @ majestic theater
october 21: beck wsg flaming lips @ detroit opera house
october 25: badly drawn boy @ st. andrew's hall
october 26: imperial teen @ st. andrew's hall
october 28: jeffrey eugenides book signing @ borders GPW
november 2: michigan vs. michigan state @ the big house
november 3: the donnas @ majestic
november 8: sigur ros @ state theatre
november 13: fountains of wayne @ shelter
december 11: vanessa carlton @ st. andrew's hall
may 15 (2003): matrix reloaded @ forum 30
twenty word reviews

jonas akerlund's disappointing directorial debut lacks cohesion and buzz, mainly because it's chock full of sleazy and uninteresting characters/situations.
city of god

nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece, this film focuses on the impossible struggle to survive the "Mean Streets" of Rio.
les diables

blend "natural born killers", "what's eating gilbert grape?", "Stand By Me" and pre-teen nudity and voila! you've got les diables.
the kid stays in the picture

adapted from robert evans' infamous autobiography, this documentary brims with the grandiose glory of a life lived to the fullest.

kinda like simultaneoulsy drinking jolt, red bull and mountain dew, this concoction of loud music + dazzling stunts is pure fun.
the sweetest thing
**1/2 (RENTAL)

a cinematic equivalent of "Tomcats" on Midol where Cameron Diaz and her galpals cuss incessantly and have sex with purple elephants.
blue crush

a talented young hottie conquers NFL quarterbacks, battles tasty waves, and plays Xbox outside (!!!) in this incredibly enjoyable summer spectacular .
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