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Three Amigos

date: 2.28.03

location: damore's crib (grosse pointe, MI)

event: damore's throwdown 2003

other: by popular demand

E-Dubz hearts JP McKrengels

GKVibe dreams of sweet, sweet lovemaking sessions with the waitstaff

The Grizz tries his best to ignore JP McKrengel's hickey

Mandypantalons listens intently as Damore and Seantizz look on

JP and The Brothers Graham

These colors don't run! Damore refuses to buy foreign ice.

If only he had a twin...

Even in Kodak form, GKVibe keeps a close eye on Becky Wolfe

Younger brothers revealed!

UV Rays be damned!

Don't EVEN try to eff with Damore's import singles!

This is your brain after 20 cups of keg beer

Dr. Em and Peabs encourage Uncle Grambo to drink up

I obliged as Beautiful Beale, Whitney and Dirty McKean look on


LA Calhoun and C Friggedy

Damore scours the room in search of drunken hotties

"Hey Mr. DJ Put A Record On, I wanna dance with my baby!"

LA Calhoun accuses The Gorilla of being McPicklebasket

Ha ha ha ... now leave!

Dr. Em in search of some Timberlake

Group hug

I think the clock is slow

Peabs and Uncle Grambo Buzz

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