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Halloween Special

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by Nummer and H-Bomb

Special Episode: Halloween Special (10/26/02)

= John Belushi
= Amy Poehler
= Tim Meadows
= Melanie Hutzel
= Charles Rocket
HALF A CONEY! = Self-Explanatory

Halloween Special

FYI: To be fair, Coneys will be awarded based on reactions to the sketches the first times they were seen.

Also, OAD = Original Air Date
If memory serves, there hasn't been a Halloween special in awhile. Don't be confused with the annual Christmas Past specials and the semi-regular Presidential Bashes. For the most part, SNL specials achieve exactly what they're designed for - to show viewers their favorite sketches. To most, it's a good trip down memory lane as you'll probably see an old favorite again for the first time in years. As to someone who watches an unhealthy amount of SNL, the sketches are usually ones that have long been played out which can result in a semi-boring SNL "off week". I'm sure Adam Sandler's Weekend Update makeshift costumes, Norm McDonald's Trick or Treat sketch, Travolta's gay vampire and the infamous Coneheads Halloween sketch will all make an appearance. However, NBC does manage to throw a few surprises into these things from time to time (like their decision to OPEN the Best of Will Ferrell Special with the Blue Oyster Cult cowbell sketch). Hopefully it will be updated enough from the 1998 Halloween Special Video currently still on sale at Amazon. At any rate, next week begins another stretch of new live episodes. Usually, I'm not really into the compilation SNL episodes, so with the exception of "The Best of Will Ferrell," this will be the first one I've sat down and watched in a long while. I'm actually looking forward to a sketch featuring Adam Sandler's "crazy" costumes It's been a good couple of years since I've seen any of those. Anything else, however, is a toss up. I'm not expecting to laugh my ass off, but I'm hoping for just enough to keep me watching.
Sketch: Martha Stewart Living
Premise: Martha Stewart gives prank Halloween tips
OAD: 10.23.99
Never cared for this sketch. I was never an Ana (or Molly or Cheri) fan. During the period between ’98 –’00 I skipped out on many an episode. I just couldn’t understand how sketches like this were becoming so popular. It was so unfunny to me. They really went heavy on recurring stuff during this time, so I mostly tuned out unless there was a host of interest. Not a good way to start of a “best of” compilation – hopefully the best is being saved for last.
I was kind of disappointed with this opener. With my mom being a HUGE fan, I’ve been exposed to an unhealthy amount of Martha Stewart over the years. Gasteyer does a decent impression, but I rarely get laughs from these skits. I realize the limitations of sketches with a Halloween special, but I wish they would’ve picked anything but this to open up with.
Sketch: Wayne's World
Premise: Wayne and Garth give their Top 10 Babe Costumes
Wayne’s World. My first favorite sketch. This particular clip was from a Halloween Special in the early nineties. I think it may have been part of a prime time special too. The “top ten” idea was still fairly fresh at the time and this sketch had junior high Jason laughing all over the living room floor.

YES!! I haven’t watched a Wayne’s World sketch in years!! And their Top 10 lists are always the best. Garth’s meow had me laughing. Excellent!
Sketch: Matt Foley
Premise: Chris Farley advises against Halloween pranks
OAD: 10/30/93
“Once, there was a boy who liked to throw things. He started out throwing eggs. Then, he threw the big game. Then, he threw back a shot of whiskey. Then he threw up. Then he got thrown out of the house, and then he moved into a van down by the river!” In this installment, Christian Slater plays the guy trying not to laugh. Although this was only the SECOND appearance of Matt Foley, the routine had changed very little from it’s debut six months earlier in the Christina Applegate episode. Still, it’s virtually impossible not to laugh at Farley.

Chris Farley as one of his finest characters!! I feel like I’m back in high school again! This episode is already so much better than I expected. I’ve always loved the Matt Foley sketches and they’re even better now that I haven’t seen them in so long. And Christian Slater! PurrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrr. “ Say, this reminds me of a spooky Halloween story. Once there was a boy that liked to throw things. He started out throwing eggs. Then he threw the big game. Then he threw back a shot of whiskey. Then he threw up.” Matt Foley. Best!

Sketch: Goth Talk
Premise: High school Goth kids host a cable access show
OAD: 12/4/99
Despite Molly Shannon, I don’t really mind this sketch. I always thought Kattan did some great work here. Throw in Will Ferrell and Christina Ricci and you have a pretty solid sketch.

Eh. I was never a huge fan of Goth Talk. It usually starts off ok, but Kattan gets real annoying real quick. Ferrell was decent for a second when he shows up in his fast food uniform claiming he came straight from work and had to put on his make-up in the car.
Sketch: The Raven Reading
Premise: Tarzan, Tonto and Frankenstein collectively read Edgar Allen Poe
OAD: 10/28/99
I LOVE these vignettes. Not as good as the Christmas carol, but still so damn random funny.

These are always pretty funny. I think it has a lot to do with Hartman’s Frankenstein!

Sketch: Consumer Probe
Premise: Talk show reviewing current Halloween costume safety
OAD: 10/29/77
This sketch is actually 3 months older than me! Crazed. I was first introduced to the Consumer Probe segments during the 15th Anniversary Special when they included a clip of the Christmas installment. I never realized there was a Halloween one until years later. This sketch was really ahead of it’s time in that it portrayed safety driven people in a very ridiculous way. While dressing up a child in a plastic bag or giving them an actual live rifle is dangerous even to someone lacking common sense, Aykroyd’s defense that anything can be considered dangerous is something that really came to the forefront in toys in decades since.

Consumer Probe! A classic sketch! Aykroyd is hilarious as the guest promoting somewhat “unsafe” Halloween costumes for young children. Invisible Pedestrian. Johnny Human Torch. And of course, Johnny Combat Action costume complete with an actual working rifle and Detroit shout-out. Great!!

Weekend Update with Colin Quinn Clip: Jimmy Fallon’s “Trick or Treat Caroling”
Premise: Fallon suggests caroling to current hits instead of trick or treating
OAD: Fallon based = not worth google searching the OAD
Fallon’s early work. Too bad I don’t give out negative coneys.
NO!!! The two worst cast members in SNL history together. Colin Quinn and Jimmy Fallon. Horrible.
Sketch: Dog Show
Premise: Recurring sketch about dog lovers gone too far
OAD: 10/16/99
DOG SHOW! Every installment of this sketch was pretty flawless. Rocky Balboa and Mr. Bojangles should be up there with the SNL character greats. Bojangles’ speech about being all-powerful is comedy writing at it’s best.
Oh how I’ve missed this sketch. Those dogs are the cutest!! And this séance skit is one of my favorites. “Maybe I do and maybe I DO.” – Mr. David Larry.
Sketch: Kitty Cat Prostitute
Premise: Party guest uses Halloween annually to act slutty
Fey in a sketch! Without glasses! The sketch really wasn’t funny as it was simply a showcase for Shannon to act obnoxious.

: I’ve never seen this sketch before. Luckily I wasn’t missing much since it was pretty boring. Who was the host supposed to be?? And Fey in a full sketch. Crazy. I laughed once at Ferrell’s Richard Hatch costume.
1/2 CONEY!
Sketch: Devil Can’t Write no Love Songs
Premise: Devil offers hit songs in exchange for soul
OAD: 11/13/99
This is the reason we’ll miss Will Ferrell. His portrayal of the devil trying to come up with songs is genius. The Devil’s first offering, “Fred’s Slacks” used to be played daily among co-workers and I at work. Who knew buzz from a Garth Brooks hosted episode would still be talked about 3 years later.

I haven’t seen this sketch either but I thought Ferrel’s Devil was great!! It was funny to see Ferrell playing the guitar in this skit since I have such love for the JB Bass-Off sketch. Ferrell’s Devil getting pissed off and blaming his crappy songs on his “out of tune” guitar was guaranteed laughs!! Hilarious skit!

Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon Clip: Adam Sandler’s Costume Tips
Premise: Cheap costumes with household items tips
OAD: 10/30/93
TBest ever! This is why I tune into SNL. Sandler. No need to justify.

WAHOO!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for!! About To Sneeze Man!! “ Ah…Ah….Ah….Candy!” Ah Sandler. So funny!! Even Nealon is chuckling! Best EVER!!

Sketch: Toothbusters
Premise: Norm McDonald and Cheri Oteri play a dysfunctional couple handing out treats
OAD: 10/23/99
When we first watched this Norm episode back in college, this sketch sort of bombed. In years since, this sketch has sort of reversed that initial judging. Norm seems to not even care about anything in this sketch and his line delivery is so uninspired. I think that is what gives it the appeal now.
I barely remember this skit. However, Norm McDonald in any sketch usually makes me laugh, mostly because he’s got that jackass smile on his face the entire time. I agree with Jason in that the charm of this sketch comes from McDonald not caring, especially since Oteri seems to care too much. Tracy Morgan’s extreme cop face at the end also earned a chuckle.

Sketch: Return of the Coneheads
Premise: The Coneheads adapt to their first Halloween on Earth
OAD: 10/29/77
I was always a big Coneheads fan. I even thought the film had moments. Here we have Beldar and family passing out 6 packs of beer and fried eggs to trick or treaters. Passing out inappropriate objects has since been used a million times in comedy, but I have to wager this was one of earliest on TV.
The Coneheads always seemed to be a decent sketch. I’m not a big fan, but I’ll typically crack a few smiles if they’re on.

Sketch: Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde
Premise: Hyde finds out everyone hates his Jeckyl alter-ego
OAD: 10/21/00
Carvey and Parnell came close to saving this, but it just didn’t work. This should have been cut to make room for Travolta’s gay vampire sketch.

I could’ve seen this being a little funnier if it wasn’t so long. The concept was good, but way too drawn out. At least Fallon wasn’t a complete tool in this one, but his ½ English / ½ American accent was worst.

Sketch: Gilda’s Room
Premise: Scary situations keep Gilda Radner from falling asleep
OAD: 12/15/79
Not a bad way to end the show. Radner.

I’ve always loved Radner, especially when she plays this little girl! Decent closing sketch.
Closing Comments
Pretty much what I expected. Solid mix of old and new. No complaints I suppose.
This episode was actually way better than I had anticipated. I not only saw sketches that were new to me, but I also saw ones that I certainly didn’t expect (i.e. Dog Show, Matt Foley). All in all, I think it was a pretty good as far as Halloween specials go.
36 out of 60 Coneys.
35 Coneys out of a possible 60.

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