SNL Season 29 – REVEALED!



Episode 6: Alec Baldwin/Missy Elliott (11/15/03)


The Rating System:

4 Coneys – Best Ever

0 Coneys – Worst Ever




0-10 Coneys – Garbage

11-20 Coneys – Needs Improvement

21-30 Coneys – Average

31-45 Coneys – Above Average

46-55 Coneys  - Instant Classic

55+ Coneys - Unparalleled SNL Genius



Pre-show Comments (11/14/03):


Jason:  Preshow comments for a Baldwin episode are a no brainer. Since this is his 11th time hosting (10th by himself), his SNL track record pretty much speaks for itself. I'll argue with anyone who says he's lost SNL steam over the years as well. His last hosting duty (4/20/02 with P.O.D.) spawned such instant classics as "Elderly Black Women", "Tony Bennett Talk Show" and "Gay Voice Mail". How could anyone think the fire has burned out?

Missy on the other hand is a big snooze. Memo to SNL, you are one year too late. If this was November 2002 and "Work It" was just starting to blow up, I'd keep quiet - but it's not. I couldn't tell you one thing Missy has done in the 12 months since - besides some really bad commercials. The only thing that remotely excites me about Missy is a possible Baby K tie in.

Still, I think Alec alone will make this show a Season 29 standout. Anyone who misses this episode is dumb.


Heather:  I am REALLY looking forward to this week's SNL with host Alec Baldwin. I'm not a die-hard fan of Baldwin, per se, but having previously hosted this show ten times, he has definitely got it down pat. Baldwin has consistently put out some great sketches, the most memorable being, Canteen Boy, L.A. Breast & Penis, The Mimic, his Schweddy series on the Delicious Dish, Gap Girls, Bill Brasky and most recently, Gay Voicemail and the Tony Bennett Show. Needless to say, I have NO doubts that this week's show will follow tradition and hopefully be one of the better episodes this season.

I also have no complaints about seeing Missy Elliott as musical guest. It looks like this will be her second appearance on SNL, the last being in 1998. I haven't really heard anything new from her as of late, so it'll be interesting to see her perform.



1.  Cold Opening: George W. Bush

Premise:  The President addresses the nation on the latest in Iraq


Jason:   I officially don’t like this.  Hammond simply cannot be forced to do 100% of the political humor on SNL.  This is seriously one of the worst Bush impressions to come along in the last few years from anywhere.  Bring back Parnell or don’t do Bush at all.


0 Coneys



Heather:  Well, Hammond is back as President Bush, and in my opinion, this was even worse than his debut during the Ripa episode!!  Obviously the audience agrees, since it seems there were barely a chuckle throughout this opener.  I just can’t tell if Hammond is stammering his lines for effect or if he is truly messing up.  I’m almost wishing they would bring Parnell back to this character.  Highly disappointing.  Not a good way to start off the show.


0 Coneys



2.  Monologue:  Baldwin


Jason:  The Fallon/Sanz duo was funny at first, but when they joined him up at the front of the stage, it took a turn for the worst.  I am also upset that Mike Myers was only used for a brief monologue bit.  Myers is one of SNL’s greats.  Seeing him simply promoting the crappy Cat in the Hat is truly a sign that things have changed.


1 Coney


Heather:  Why do they even bother calling this a monologue when the cast members are going to completely dominate the whole thing?!  I mean, did Baldwin even have three lines?!  And did it have to be the “Fallon & Sanz duo” AGAIN?!  Baldwin, of course, held his own, and it was sort of nice to see Mike Meyers, but on the whole this basically sucked.


1 Coney






3.  Commercial Parody:  Huggies Thongs

Premise: Thong diapers for babies


Jason:  See Black review


3 Coneys


Heather:  See Black review.


3 Coneys





4.  Sketch:  Dr. Frank Landsman, Plastic Surgeon

Premise: Baldwin plays obnoxious plastic surgeon, urging Poehler to get bigger breast implants


Jason:   Poehler in a bra was cute, but this kind of played out like a desperate attempt to start a new recurring Baldwin character.  Comparing boobs to beach balls while calling them both toys?  SNL can do better.


1 Coney


Heather:  This was a weird sketch, and I’m not talking funny weird.  I only wish I could’ve seen Nummer’s reaction to Poehler in a bra!


1 Coney




5.  Sketch:  Zinger vs. Burn

Premise: Baldwin and Meyer try to outwit each other during a crisis


Jason:  Now this is more like a Baldwin episode.  Seth has again come through with an obnoxious character in the same vein of “Extreme Wedding” and “Pranksters”.  The unique ways of following the jokes wasn’t anything terribly new, but the enthusiasm in the deliveries of both Seth and Baldwin made the sketch.  I hope this is the beginning of a long 4 coney sketch run.


4 Coneys 



Heather:  Usually I find sketches with this theme long and stupid, but surprisingly, I laughed during most of this skit.  Meyer was perfect with his “awesome, awesome zings!”  Baldwin had me laughing the most though, just because he gets so into it!  I especially loved the part where he was mimicking starting the fire, which then turned into a “BURNNNN!”  Good stuff.


3 Coneys



6.  Sketch:  The Tony Bennett Show

Premise:  Tony Bennett hosts his own talk show


Jason:  Hmm.  Not as good as the 2002 installment, but still pretty funny.  Armisen was great as Robert Durst and Sanz was good as the guy Baldwin met on the plane.  I still can’t get over how great Baldwin’s Bennett impression is.  Bennett talking about female “monthlies” was totally best too.


3 Coneys



Heather:  At first, I was ecstatic to see this.  But it just didn’t quite live up to its debut when Baldwin hosted back in 2002.  However, it still garnered some chuckles.  Armisen was decent as Robert Durst, who just won a “not guilty” verdict after being on trial for allegedly chopping up his neighbor.  However, his portrayal kind of reminded me of his Gabe Fisher character.  Baldwin, again though, stole the show as Bennett.  He loves things that are great!!


2 Coneys



7.  Commercial Parody: Gaystrogen

Premise:  Pill that helps you recapture your gay habits if you suffer from “Queer Loss”


Jason: See Berry review


4 Coneys


Heather:  See Berry review.


3 Coneys



8.  Sketch:  The Falconer

Premise:  Donald leaves Mortimer stranded once again in the woods and heads to Vegas



Jason:   After two appearances just an episode a part towards the end of last season, I’m surprised Lorne waited so long to bring this back.  Unfortunately, much like the Aykroyd episode, this sketch is starting to lose steam.  The only thing that really makes me laugh now are Forte’s reactions to whatever situation they are in.  Gone are the days where Donald’s adventures were the highlight.  They are getting too predictable and simple. 


Still, I can’t yet bear to give Forte and Falconer less than 3 coneys….


3 Coneys




Heather:  I was actually surprised to see this sketch for some reason.  I hate to say it, but I just feel like this skit has really lost its edge for me.  There were still some funny parts though.  I still laughed at Donald’s high-pitched screech when he spotted the casino sign and did a bunch of cocaine.  I also loved how hilarious his talon looked when he was pulling the slot machine lever and rolling the dice for craps.  Baldwin was decent as well.  But unless they come up with an extraordinary plot, I think they should retire this sketch until next season, at least.


2 Coneys




9.  Music #1:  Missy Elliott – Pass That Dutch


Jason:  WORST!!!


0 Coneys


Heather:  I didn’t really care for this song, but the little “dutch” dance was cute.


˝ Coney




10.  Weekend Update



Jason:  The Will Forte Sex Tape!!!  So gross.  So funny.  So best. 


The Will Forte bit was easily the standout of this WU.  The Fey/Fallon jokes were pretty much on par with the rest of the season so far which only leaves Fallon’s Jack Nicholson/Christian Slater material to keep the steam going.  At first it was good – you couldn’t tell it was Fallon the first few lines either.  However, it quickly became a one joke premise which has been done a thousand times before and by better comedians.


When the rerun comes along, check out the Forte Sex Tape and fast forward the rest.


3 Coneys



Heather:  This was a pretty average Weekend Update.  Not a lot of real standout jokes, but I did enjoy Fallon’s Demi Moore / Ashton Kutcher bit, as well as the picture of Rosie O’Donnell and her new girlfriend. 


I was a little disappointed with the whole Christian Slater / Jack Nicholson thing.  I just felt like it was lagging, especially when I realized it was Fallon doing their voices.


The definite highlight of WU was Forte’s “semi-celebrity” sex tape sampler, which of course, was a spoof on the now infamous Paris Hilton sex tape.  This was unbelievably funny, especially with Armisen thrown in the mix!  Forte is sooo creepy!!  “See ya there sex tape fans!”  Best.


2 ˝ Coneys   




11.  Sketch:  C-Span Press Conference with Prince Charles’ private secretary

Premise:  Private secretary fields questions on Prince Charles’ alleged affair with a male servant


Jason:  Dumb.


0 Coneys


Heather:  This was a clever sketch with some good play on words involving gay male sexual references.  No real memorable lines, but good for a few laughs.


1 ˝ Coneys




12.  Sketch:  Keen Corporation Presentation

Premise:  Two co-workers argue over their one-night stand during the presentation



Jason:  What’s with the Baldwin/Poehler chemistry this episode? 


I don’t really know what to make of this sketch.  I can’t believe there wasn’t anything more to it.  I’m going with the forgettable vote.


1 Coney



Heather:  This was a decent sketch, but nothing special.  The handwritten chart was best, as well as Keenan’s face when Baldwin and Poehler initially argue behind the chart.  I also laughed kind of hard when Baldwin proclaimed, “So frickin’ what?!”  But otherwise, this was just another random skit with a really weird ending.  Just what exactly were Baldwin and Poehler doing on that table?


1 Coney 




13.  Music #2:  Missy Elliott – Work It


Jason:  Uggh.  What’s next?  The Strokes doing “12:51” on Season 31?


1 Coney



Heather:  Granted, this would’ve seemed much better had it been last season, but I still do love this song.  Did anyone else notice how long that guy was spinning on his head?!


2 Coneys



14.  Sketch:  The Return of Roy

Premise:  Roy returns to perform in Vegas with the same tiger that attacked him


Jason:  I can’t believe they made this as bloody as it was.  And what was with Baldwin smacking down that turtle on the side of the cage at the end?   I hope that wasn’t a real turtle!


I liked this sketch.  It reminded me of something we would have seen in the late 80’s/early 90’s for some reason.  The dialogue and accents Richards and Baldwin had together was hilarious too.  Worth two rewinds.


2 ˝ Coneys


Heather:  I’m actually pretty amazed that there hasn’t been a skit on this yet, but I guess they needed to wait and see if Roy would actually recover.  I liked Baldwin’s jeweled neck brace and Richard’s german accent, but that was about it.


˝ Coney  



15.  Sketch:  Scheinwald Studios

Premise:  Struggling film company attempts to sign new screenplay


Jason:  I’ve read that they have been pitching this sketch to Lorne since last year.  I don’t completely know why.  Baldwin was good, but Dratch’s old man impression is pretty much just every other impression she does.  The funniest thing about it were the fake movies the studio had produced in past.  Nipple Institute of Technology.  When does it come out on DVD?


2 Coneys


Heather:  I have to say that it’s awesome seeing Armisen in more sketches lately.  However, Dratch took the cake as the semi-senile grampa.  That blank expression while eating the pasta salad, complete with a “Hah?!” was priceless.  I also got a kick out of their film, N.I.T., i.e. Nipple Institute of Technology.  Decent ending sketch.


2 Coneys



Closing Comments:


Jason:  Not a horrible episode, but it is easily not on par with Baldwins past.  They really should bring back the Mimic, Brasky or other proven Baldwin characters when Alec hosts.  I’m not saying Tony Bennett wasn’t nice, but America has been dying for more Brasky!!!!


28 ˝ our of 60 Coneys


Heather:  I’m shocked.  There weren’t ANY 4 coney sketches, at least that I saw!  I honestly expected there to be at least one or two.  As far as overall coneys go, Baldwin is presently tied with Berry, which wasn’t that great of an episode.  It seemed like there were consistently average sketches, but nothing that really shined, which is very surprising to me.  I’m gonna blame this one on the writers, because I know Baldwin can deliver.  It just didn’t happen this time.  I guess I can say the same about Missy E.


Can’t wait to see what happens in three weeks with Reverend Al Sharpton as host.  Crazy.


24 out of 60 Coneys