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date: 4.25.03

location: tap room (grosse pointe, MI)

event: the prime ministers live on stage

other: entering the recording studio in May 2003 ... visit their official website at ThePrimeMinisters.org

pre-show pitchers of Oberon w/Peabs and Andrew The Baddie

Damore and Grambo are easily the sexiest bitches in MI

Smiles for everyone as The PM hit the stage

Lawyer Ned and Jason and the Rhythm (Section) of the Night

"You filled out all the forms and passed the written test"

Lionel Hutz ain't got nuthin' on Lawyer Ned Friendship

Everyone looks better in b/w...

Even Todd!

The Prime Ministers' next album cover?

Get into the groove

A ruthless skank attacks Peabs

PM Fans debate between "Oh, Rock" and "Invaders From Mars"

Rockin' is tiring ... time for a break

Shaky camera buzz ... too much Oberon!

Credit: Annie Liebovitz

Todd combats the ruthless Michigan springtime with a trendy scarf

So much sepia buzz

Either the Devil or Robert Johnson possesses our fearless lead singer during their finale

It just wouldn't be a show without Peabs sucking someone's finger ... thank God this time it's his own!

So much fan buzz ... tride and true stizz

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