"Take Me Out To The Ball Game..."  
Detroit, Michigan -Global Baseball, Inc. (GBI) and Cam-Tré Innovations today announced the completion of their initial discussions to bring Major League Baseball back to the corner of Michigan and Trumbull. Local Metro Detroit Venture Capitalists, Gus Aguilar and former Major League player Nikco Riesgo, of GBI, and Carmen Thurman, of Cam-Tré Innovations, are Michigan based Hispanic business leaders with a common desire to participate in revitalizing Detroit.  
GBI is currently preparing proposals for the purchase of the National League Montreal Expos, with the specific intent of moving the club to Detroit. The troubled Expos were purchased by the other twenty-nine Major League teams prior to the 2002 season. A committee appointed by the team owners is now seeking a new home for the team. Riesgo, who actually debuted in 1991 for the Expos, believes that Detroit will be a prime candidate. "There are several other cities already vying for the team," he said. "But moving the Expos to one of those locations means the leagues will have to revise their divisions and wait for a new stadium to be built. Neither of those problems are issues in Detroit. We can play our first game in 2005." If the purchase is successful, GBI will become only the second minority group with controlling interest in a Major League ball club.  
While GBI negotiates the purchase, Cam-Tré will design a new fan reservation website, prepare media materials, new logo proposals (current Expos colors will be retained), and public relation programs, manage promotional activities and act as liaison to the team and city. When asked about the wisdom of bringing a second Major League team to Detroit, Riesgo explained that: "This is a very wise - and timely - move. The city is already implementing downtown improvements for the 2006 Super Bowl. Bringing the former Tiger Stadium back to life will complement the Super Bowl efforts, particularly in the Cork Town area. New businesses and new jobs will spring up around the stadium, just as has happened in other two-team cities." Riesgo also pointed out that tourism would increase through organized Expos travel packages for Canadian fans.  - more -  
Along with the desire to help revitalize Detroit, GBI and Cam-Tré also share an interest in preserving baseball heritage. "Baseball has been played at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull since 1896, before the Tigers were even formed" offered Aguilar. "Navin Field opened on April 20, 1912, the same day as Fenway Park. Two years later, Chicago opened what would become Wrigley Field. These three parks are the only remaining direct links to the early heritage of professional baseball." Riesgo then ventured that: "Heritage and tradition make up the core of baseball and fans have a deep understanding of that. I believe that once again seeing professional baseball in one of the three 'Grande Dames' of the sport will be a major factor in the success of this venture."  
According to Thurman, blending baseball's heritage with Detroit's presents the GBI and Cam-Tré team with many opportunities. The plans for the new ball club and historic stadium will help to increase the economic viability and business diversity of the community with creating jobs and minority business development at the forefront of development strategy. The plan will also create an environment that will continue giving strength to the community for years to come.  
The promise of a National League team in Detroit is an exciting proposition. A National League team will not conflict with the American League Detroit Tigers. In fact, it will actually compliment the Tigers as well as the City of Detroit with the high hopes and possibility of an All-Detroit World Series every year as the ultimate prize.  Progress and developments will be reported by Cam-Tré Innovations. Please email words of support and your thoughts regarding a new MLB team in Detroit to For additional information or to contact GBI or Cam-Tré Innovations please call 248-552-8690 or visit