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So much Ash!

date: 5.19.03

location: the shelter (detroit, MI)

event: ash!

helpful hint: click on the picture for some full-scale madness!

Lose Control


That's not a hearing aid ... or is it?

Angel Interceptors

All kinds of blurred out Ash

Charlotte in stereo

Beyond buzz

Ice Mountain ... the official drink of Ash

Are you afraid of the dark?

Rockin' out with a wash

Charlotte Hatherly with some shutter speed variation buzz

Tim Wheeler with some similar shutter buz

I am a master photographer

Hundreds of screaming fans chant Tim's name

Takin' a break then ...

Rockin' out w/Tim and Charlotte!

"Your beauty took my breath away"

"We've been walkin' barefoot all summer"

It's gettin' hot in herrre

Tim and Mandypantalons after the show

Eric keepin' watch on the boards

Post-show Jacoby's beers with The Grizz and Mandypantalons

Damore and Wheeler buzz

Uncle Grambo loves Charlotte and she loves him right back

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